Monday, April 14, 2014

Applause, applause... What a show!

What a show indeed!
Let me just start by saying if you weren't at the shoppe last week during our show or in Canton, then you were one of very few.
A packed Shoppe....filled with the things that make this place more like a home than a store.  Hence our name, LaurieAnna's Vintage "HOME".
We adore having all the babies and pups in the Shoppe, and you never fail to deliver. 

On any given day during the show, a visitor could wander in to the Shoppe and think we were holding a cutest baby contest. much cuteness! These moms could sell tickets just to be in the presence of such cuteness!
 We were delighted to have a bus load of probably 40 women from the Covenant Church of Colleyville. 
Dressed in cute matching t-shirts, what a treat these ladies were to have as guests in our Shoppe home. Many of them have been long-time LaurieAnna's shoppers.....we're happy to be on their bus route during their Canton trips.
Our sweet friends Tracy and Michael, along with their family and friends, popped in...they are former LA crew members and we miss seeing them so much!  They requested some time with Emory and Zeek. 
 I'm amazed by how many people ask to see Zeek and Emory. 

They are always present during the shows although they can typically be found napping in my office.
One of my all-time sweetest customer experiences, I spotted this dad walking through the store carrying 4 wooden swords.  I smiled and asked, "Knife thrower?". :-) Turns out, he and his wife visited the Shoppe with their sons. They had just purchased wood swords for the boys at the First Monday grounds.  Upon entering the Shoppe, I guess he decided that perhaps the swords and the Shoppe might not be a good fit.  Too cute!  He returned the swords to the boys outside and was kind enough to let me snap a pic. 
Being a Shoppe owner is an amazingly rewarding long as you make sure it's about more than sales. 
Don't get me wrong, the record breaking sales that we enjoyed this past show are  a blessing.  A blessing that lets us keep on doing what we love, but the real reward is the people. 
Hands's the people.

Thank you making LaurieAnna's a destination store, thank you for telling your friends, and thank you for visiting our home each are the reason for it all.
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Till next time...

Friday, March 28, 2014

A Parade of Spring Fashion

With Easter just around the corner, Spring clothing is on our minds.  Yours too it seems. 
So, earlier this week we turned our Facebook page turned into a 
virtual fashion show as we shared a few of our latest Spring arrivals complete with jewelry and scarves. 

Did you know that this years Spring fashion color report suggests pairing soft pastels with vivid brights?
According to LIKES on Facebook, the above ensemble was your favorite.  So, it seems that report may be right on the money. 

We've been busy bees getting the Shoppe stocked with Spring clothing and accessories, among many, many other things. 
Just in time for the upcoming show which begins next Thursday.
Come see us!
P.S. You can find many of the items featured above online. 
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Location: 1457 N Trade Days Blvd., Canton, Texas 75103

Show Dates / Hours:
April 3 - 6
Thursday, 9am - 5pm
Friday / Saturday 9am - 6pm
Sunday 9am - 5pm

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Easter Ephemera Stand Up - Tutorial

We absolutely love how this project turned out.

If you love it too, follow the steps below to make your own Easter Ephemera Stand Up.

Step 1: Gather your materials:
Foam board, X-Acto knife, emery board, pencil,
scrapbook paper image that will be mounted onto foam board,
brown wrapping paper or contrasting scrapbook paper big enough to cover the image cutout, a bottle of Mod Podge, 2 paint brushes (Mod Podge and paint), and a small bottle of paint (color should match, or compliment, image).
Step 2: Cut around the image with your X-Acto knife.

Note: Leave a small border around the image. This helps to adhere it to the foam board.
Step 3: Spread Mod Podge on the back of the image you just cut out. Glue it to the foam board. Smooth out any wrinkles. Allow to dry completely before continuing to the next step.
Step 4: Cut a piece of the brown wrapping paper so that it covers the foam board. Mod Podge the brown paper onto the back of the foam board (the side with no image). Again, let it dry completely before proceeding.

Step 5: Now, cut the image out of the foam board. This time it will have a front and back.
Step 6: Take the emery board and lightly file down the overlapping paper. Once finished, all the paper edges will be even with the edges of the foam board (see the picture above). Next, paint the edges and let it dry. 
Step 7: Using the leftover scraps of foam board, cut a strip. Use your Mod Podge as the glue and wrap the strip in brown paper or contrasting scrapbook paper. Once it is dry, using your knife, cut a slit in the back. Note: Do not cut all the way through. Bend the section back, now there are two sections to your stand.

Step 8: Line up the bottom of the stand with the bottom of your image and glue it on. The back of the stand (where the slit/notch is) should be facing down and the notch should be at the top of the stand. 

Tip: We used the small bottle of paint to to help hold the stand in place while the Mod Podge dries.

Here's our finished lamb ephemera stand up. Isn't it a lovely addition to your Easter dinner table? Simply adorable!

Stay tuned for our next tutorial. 

*All of the paper and embellishments used in this project can be found at LaurieAnna's Vintage Home.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Sweet Easter Stand-up

We've been playing in the paper again.
Yup, you caught us! We decided to have another play day 
this week because we couldn't get enough of the last one. 

Here's what we made, a sweet little lamb stand-up. The perfect project for Easter.
First, I would like to give a shout out to our LA crew member Patty Moore. She was the true inspiration behind this play day creation. She originally made a few stands at home for fun.  After sharing them with our LA staff, we decided to display them as a prop in our paper room. They definitely got a lot of attention during our Spring show and many customers asked to purchase them. This tutorial was created because you asked. Now you can create your own.

Here are a few examples Patty shared with us.

C'mon, get creative! Think about adding some simple embellishments to your stand. For instance, we tied blue ribbon around the necks of these chicks. Cute right?!

Don't forget, all the paper featured in this post is available for purchase at our shoppe.

Have we told you lately how much we enjoy creating these tutorials for you? Well we do and love receiving your comments. This Easter inspired tutorial will be launched very soon. Til next time...

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring Paper Cone Wreath - Tutorial

We are so smitten with this whimsical Spring wreath that we wanted to share the details with you.

If you love it too, we hope the following tutorial may help 
you to create one for yourself.

Let's get started...
Step 1: Gather the materials.  For this project you'll need:
Scissors, pencil, hot glue gun and several glue sticks, assorted 
sheets of scrapbook paper, ribbon to hang the wreath, 
and a large piece of cardboard or foam board. 
Optional: a 1 3/4" scalloped circle punch.

Step 2: Draw a 16" circle with a 4" center onto the piece of cardboard.
Cut out both circle outlines to match the above picture. Next, make a hole in the top center of the circle. Loop the ribbon through. This ribbon will be used to hang your finished wreath.

Step 3: Cover the cardboard circle with paper or paint it.

Step 4: Gather your scrapbook paper and cut approximately (120) 3" x 3" squares. For this particular wreath, we chose to layer additional pieces of paper inside the cone along with 1 3/4" punched circles to use as embellishments. 
This is purely a matter of preference, loads of 
opportunity to use your creativity in this project.

Step 5: Using your scissors, round off the top edges of all the 3" x 3" squares. 
*Do this before forming your cones.

Step 6: Form the cones
Hold the square so that the rounded edges are pointing to the left. Roll the top and bottom right corners into each other (see picture). Add a dab of glue to areas needed to hold the shape of the cone.

This picture references the additional paper 
embellishments we used to get the layered effect.  

Step 7: Start laying out the first layer of cones before permanently gluing them down. This lets you decide how big (in diameter) you want your wreath to be. 

Step 8: Glue the cones onto the form working outside in. You will want to place the cones strategically between the gaps formed by the previous row.

Tip: Use the end of a pencil to hold the tip of the cone in place while gluing. It helps tremendously and the glue won't burn your finger tips.

Continue adding cones until the wreath form is entirely covered.


Now for the icing on the cake.....embellishments!

A small birds nest with eggs, a burlap bird, a couple burlap flowers, and an inspirational message were the perfect Spring embellishments for our Spring wreath. 

What embellishments will you add to yours? 

We would love to see!

We had such fun working on this project together and have already made a date for our next play day and another tutorial. Stay tuned!

*All of the paper and embellishments used in this project can be found at LaurieAnna's Vintage Home.
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