Friday, January 13, 2012

Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal

 We're taking our sweet time with our little farmhouse.
Hubster and I completed this guest bedroom a few months ago, but I had to find time to shoot photos and edit them before I could share it with you.  However, I am making up for it now......this is a LONG post, so get ready!
 Okay, let me share that this small bedroom measures just a tad over 12' x 10'. 

Keep that in mind as you consider the furniture pieces that hubby and I were able to fit into the space.
We placed the iron bed and the antique wardrobe on angles in the corners to create interest. It also made better use of the floor space. By the way, that black wardrobe is not painted, that is original ebony stain. We've had this wonderful piece for many years. 

Since this room doesn't have a closet (a challenge faced by many vintage home owners), this piece becomes even more valuable because it houses clothing and a tv.  I love this piece!
Aren't the horse prints with black frames divine?  
I especially love them grouped.

That arched window above them was an antiquing find last summer.  Had no idea what I would do with it when I bought it (which is how I buy most things) but I love it in this room.  
Do you do that too, or do you have a plan for the things you buy?
The bedding is a mixture of many things....
I'm pleased with the mix of textiles and think it will be cozy for guests.
In the photo above, you can see two dark doors in the corner.  One is the bedroom entry door, the other leads on to the porch.  The doorway into the bathroom (not seen in this photo), originally had just a curtain for privacy leaving no way to lock in warmth or steam from a good hot shower so we opted to add a door. 

But the small size of the room wouldn't accommodate a traditional hinged door. So, we took an old barn door and added hardware to make it a sliding door. 
How perfect is that? 
Not only because it slides, but because it is a barn door in a farmhouse bedroom. :-))
I actually bought a pair of these doors, you will see the other one surface in another bathroom later.
Hubby and I made a quick trip to the local Tractor Supply and bought everything we needed to hang the barn door. When the sales rep was giving some installation tips, he asked how big our barn was.  He gave me an odd look when I told him the hardware was to hang a bathroom door.
He was a super nice guy, but I don't think decorating trends were a top priority for him. :-))
Look at the perfectly aged and distressed wood *sigh*.
I added burlap to the inside of the window for bathroom privacy.
(I will share the bathroom in a future post.)

Aside from its own private bathroom, this bedroom also enjoys a private door onto the porch, something I think our future guests will enjoy.
Finding the right light fixture was actually the toughest part of this room.....go figure.  Hubby had the patience of Job when we changed out the light not once, not twice, not three times....
it was the fourth light that was the winner. 

My criteria seemed simple enough.....simple, farmhouse, elegant, and large enough in size that it wouldn't be swallowed up by the 12' ceiling height or be lost in the beadboard ceilings. 
 But this one was worth the's from this cute little Shoppe in Canton where I spend much of my time -
I just happen to know the owner. :-))
I came across this mirror etched with "Room No 5" and just had to have it, my love affair with the #5 will forever haunt me.
The bedside table is an antique cream separator... how fitting is that?
Hubby gave this to me almost 10 years ago for Christmas.....I've used it for many things.
That little platform is perfect for bedside books.
And how perfect is that little mirror for the top? 
Vintage alarm clocks are a fetish of mine.....I have dozens. 
The vase? Why it's a horse trophy cup.
  As the photos reflect, I used farm accoutrements throughout this farmhouse bedroom.
Another example of such is this desk.  
The top was created from an old stable door - gotta love that!
Wonderful rusty iron legs were attached to's that for recycling?
We added a glass top to create a smooth writing surface while preserving the old aged wood.
The vintage photos that I placed under the glass were a gift from my precious friend Sharon,

and that fabulous white typewriter was a find from one of our girls day out shopping trips last summer.  I've never seen a white one and knew immediately it would go on that desk!
A piece from an old saddle makes the perfect bookend in this bedroom.
It was another gift from my friend Sharon.
More vintage horse trophies.
I have to share..this desk is absolute perfection for me.  I bought it specifically for the Farmhouse, but it hung around the Shoppe for a little time while it was waiting for the right spot. 

I could have sold it a dozen times......
but I was already emotionally attached to it. 
A perfect example of both the perks and the challenges of this business!
The vintage chair is the perfect compliment for the old stable door desk....complete with a custom made washable linen slip cover.
Look at the original dark wood arms peeking out of the white linen.  I don't think it would have been as pretty painted.....we just let it be.

And that pretty crested pillow is from the Shoppe.
We've used this mantle in two previous bedrooms.
And, I've also used it as a wedding prop for wedding designs.
But this flea market find has finally found its final resting spot.

Doesn't it look like it's been there for 100 years? Or, 118 years to be exact. :-))  We hung schoolhouse pendants on each side of it....they are perfect and functional.
White polo balls, riding hats, and riding boots its an equestrian farmhouse bedroom.
This wonderful vintage white scale, a perfect size for this mantel by the way, was a gift from my sweet friend Denis.  I am blessed with some amazingly generous friends that seem to know exactly what I like! :-))

Okay my friends, that's it for this show and tell.  Now, it's your turn!
  I'm eager to see what you have to share this week and would love to know your thoughts about my farmhouse bedroom. 
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