Thursday, September 08, 2011

Farmhouse Friday #5 ~ Farmhouse Porch

After that amazing show you gave us (post and photos coming soon), and these wonderful 70 degree evenings, we spent a few days off at the Farmhouse on Main.

During that time, we officially laid claim to the front we can say this sweet place is ours!

Porches are such an important part of our homes, don’t you think?

They are the sweet greeter of a home, inviting and friendly, that undesignated part of a home that belongs to all
 and is owned by none.
The front porch is our chance to welcome our guests even before we’ve opened the door. While they wait, the porch is already saying hello. 
It’s an important space.

So, it’s only fitting that this was our first official project at the Farmhouse on Main.

We added a porch swing and a rocker, lots of plants, and even freshened up the lighting.

I love these farmhouse style lights and was amazed by the difference they made.  

As a child, it seemed everyone sat on their porches in the evening. I can remember waving to neighbors as we walked or roller skated by.  We don't seem to do that as much anymore.

Do you notice it too?

Now, most porches seem to sit alone, wouldn't it be sad to lose such a sweet tradition?
So, perhaps this weekend we could turn off the electronics for just a little while and spend a little evening time on our porches. 

Chat with a friend,
throw a smile to a neighbor,
steal a kiss from a sweetheart,
pretty sweet stuff.
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Have a wonderful weekend my friends!