Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Antique Souls

As long as I can remember, I have had an affection for old houses and we’ve restored several over the years. Our current home (pictured above) was built in 1880, it’s the 2nd oldest home still standing in our town. There’s something special about these houses, not just the charm of the architecture, but something much deeper. I love the thought of walking on a floor that has felt the patter of generations of lil feet scampering about and growing up. Or, thinking about how many mothers before me quietly gazed out of the kitchen window at the birds in the backyard oak tree. The connection to the families that graced these old rooms before us just draws me in, it brings peace to my heart somehow.

I’ve always thought that I am an antique soul living in a modern world. And as much as I adore these old structures, a thought has occurred to me......perhaps it’s not the old house that I find intriguing, but the sweet simple life that accompanied the era of the house. Days when neighbors helped neighbors, business deals were struck on a handshake, and families never strayed further than a few miles from one another. Sometimes I think we can learn as much by looking back as we can by looking forward. I like that thought.

This blog will be dedicated to my journey as a business owner and my adventures as a rescuer of animals and old houses.  Thanks for joining me!




Marilyn said...

LaurieAnna, I am so glad you are blogging. I love old houses, too. I grew up in a town in SW Kansas with brick streets and old houses and I miss that living here in New Mexico, but we had bought our little 70+ year old cottage from DH's grandparents and I get the same feelings you described. I, too, am an antique soul living in a modern world. It's a great description of how I feel. Thank you for sharing and I will definitely be back to visit often.

Tina said...

Oh girl...you are going to have so many fans!! You are awesome! I love your home! Just beautiful! Ok, we need to see the inside...we need pictures!!! This is going to be so much fun...waiting on your blog post! I feel like I'm waiting in front of a great shop to open...looking in the windows...open,open,open,open!

Kathleen said...

What a lovely blog! We too restored an old 1890 Victorian home in an historic town in the Ohio. It is comforting living in a home that has weathered so much. They are homes with a spirit...it takes years to achieve that. I look forward to reading your blog in the future.

Garden_Antqs said...

You mentioned our writing skills, well...I think you're pretty good yourself. And, I feel the same way. I used to tell my family I think I was born in the wrong era, but now I say I was born in the right era, I was just meant to love older homes, the history of them, and the simpler life that came with it. But then I remember how hard the women had to work and then I'm thankful I wasn't born then :)

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