Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Happy and Mario

My entire life has been immersed in animal rescue. As a child, I brought home more critters than Ellie Mae! The years haven't changed me much, as an adult I keep a container of dry dog food and cat food in the back of my vehicle just in case I spot a sweet lil hungry stray that needs some help.

This is Mario, he is 8 (he was part of an entire litter that we rescued), and Happy who is 2 (my son rescued Happy from a construction site)...we’ve had them since they were babies, and although they look it, they are not related. We have a family full of rescued babies, but these two travel with me to every show.

I snapped these pics in the RV during the last Canton. These lil guys bring me so much happiness and make me smile daily. Given that, it's not surprising that a recent medical study indicates that cat owners are 30% less likely to have a heart attack or stroke. How about that?

By the way....the second pic was snapped about an hour after the first one......what a life!! Aren't kitties wonderful?


Simply Me Art said...

They are precious, I only Rescue! Was always cats and then 7 years ago it became Dogs...They are Sun Loving kitty's. Lovely Blog... Jamie

Cottage said...

LaurieAnna, I LOVE your sweet babies! What a blessing you are to animals...they need us more than we know. We rescued 3 babies 2 years ago, they are so sweet and precious.
And they stretch out like Happy and Mario and look like sardines in a can.
Well, I'm babbling. Thank you for sharing those beautiful eyes and adorable creatures.

CatHerder said...

OH THEY ARE PRECIOUS!!!! Your blog is wonderful, your pics are so inspiring. Thanks for visiting my blog..i put you on my links list. Have a great day

susan said...

I love the cat pictures. We have a cat that looks like it could fit into the same family. Her name is Flower. My daughter named her after the skunk in "Bambi".
I found your web site from Cherry Hill Cottage. Tina and I are from the same town but don't think we have ever met. We live in Garland now. Hope to meet both of you in Canton soon. Love looknig at everything you post. Thanks!!!!!!!!

cindy said...

Hmmmm, thought I posted, not sure what happened will try again! They are cutie pies! It's so cool that they travel with you. Ours will sometimes go with us to "grandma's" and they do pretty good.

They're sweet!