Friday, August 08, 2008

Here’s the Scoop...

Each time I attend the gift markets, amidst all the finds, there is always one or two new items that are my favorites. No doubt about it, this season my favorite find are these bath salts/bubbles that look like ice cream scoops.
I am so smitten with this line of bath products, although the ice cream scoops are my favorite. They come in six different scents, all of which are wonderful. Choose your favorites and get three scoops in a gift bag for $4.95 at the opening.

These would make fabulous gifts, but make no mistake, you’ll want to treat yourself to a scoop too! Oh, the best thing about these ice cream get a triple dip with no calories and no guilt! How sweet is that?..

See you on August 15th! Only 7 days left!!




Anonymous said...

hey girl.....check your email. i sent you a message last night. looking forward to the opening next week!



Peg said...

We've driven by several times in anticipation. I can't wait to see your store. If it's anything like your booth it will be fabulous. Your store is going to be a popular spot! See you on Friday!


P.S. I'm the one that came by yesterday in the red Dodge.

paperjunk-lc said...

wow I drove by today that going to be a big store...can't wait to see it!