Monday, October 13, 2008

We're out of space!

Whew, what a day! The store is closed today, thank goodness! Truck after truck has been arriving with pallets and pallets of goodies and we have no place to put anything! We're ramping up for the November Canton show at the Arbors and especially for the Houston Ballet Nutcracker Market at Reliant Center!

I must confess that it sends a shot of adrenaline through my body just to think about the Nutcracker show! I'm carefully planning every detail and can't wait!

Another exciting tidbit of news, we have 5 booths on a corner directly across from our good friends Annette and Megan of Annette's Touch of Class. The odds of that are outrageous given the hundreds of vendors and the enormity of Reliant Center. No doubt about it, our corner is gonna rock!! You can find a complete listing of Nutcracker Merchants here.

I'm still working on the on-line store (between deliveries) and know that there are still some kinks with the "checkout". I'm thrilled at the number of you that are already trying to purchase on-line! I've taken 9 orders via email today, how cool is that? So, I'll be burning the midnight oil again trying to get the kinks worked out.

By the way, the pictured alphabet balls that have become a staple item for us over the past two years will be available for purchase on-line. I will be adding lots of new products this week, so keep checking back.

More updates to follow as we unpack new goodies this week!




Melissa said...

Laurie Anna,

After visiting your store I have no doubt you are out of space. We were amazed at how much you manage to get inside of that building!!

I can't wait to get my trees in the mail! Thanks so much!

trash talk said...

Maybe you can sleep in Jan. I don't know how you manage and still look so darn cute. Debbie

Irene said...

Thank you for all your kind help in selecting a gift for my daughter. She just loves your shop and now I do too!

I will be visiting you often!

Irene from Tyler