Saturday, January 31, 2009

Where'd all the stuff go?

My body is tired, but my mind is wired. So goes the story of my life. Today was such a great day in Canton.....the booth is positively ripped apart, and the store.....*sigh*...well it looks very, very empty. It's bugging the fire out of me, but it's all part of the business. One more selling day left and then the fun begins!

I recieved a delightful visit from Mayron of Unique Unique Designs and had the pleasure to finally meet in person, Mindy of Primitiques N Poetry. Love their blogs and both are absolute sweethearts! It was complete chaos during their visit, but they were ever so patient with me. Thank you ladies.....look forward to seeing you at Serendipity Market!

Have a blessed Sunday my friends!


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cindy said...

Was fun to see you Friday! Can't wait to come back for the Serendipity Market...will be awesome. I'll put something on my blog about it this week.