Monday, August 31, 2009

Build It and They Will Come

Thank you for making Saturday the most amazing day!! More than I could have ever hoped for!

It had already been 3 weeks of glorious hard work when we remained at the store until 3:30 am Saturday morning (yes you did read AM) putting the final touches on everything when a smidge of anxiety kicked in. Since we had only promoted through blog and our email list, and had only begun promoting a mere 10 days before the event, I was concerned about attendance. The girls laughed at the notion and my hubby used his standard line from the movie Field of Dreams, "build it and they will come", which brought a smile to my face.

Well, they sure were right, we built and you came, thank you, thank you, thank you! The day took off like a shot and between 9:30 and noon we couldn't keep up with the pace! At one point, the line meandered into the back portion of the store. My apologies for that....we'll do better next time! This confirms that you read the blog visit our site which means so much to me. Now, I know that you will find us any place we go!

I wish we would have had some time to grab a camera and catch more action shots, but I must confess that I only thought of it once and those shots are quite blurry, sorry about that! But, we did get some nice shots moments before we unlocked the door. I'll share more in the next few posts.
With the successful event firmly behind us, I know now that the anxiety was misplaced and should be saved for more suitable things such as booth set-up for the rapidly approaching First Monday!!
Lots of big pieces were gone shortly after we opened. The big seed cabinet and magnificent English scale pictured below sold quickly along with lots of other great vintage pieces.

So many customers drove long distances to come to the event, but I believe, at least based upon what I know this morning, that the prize for the "farthest distance traveled" belongs to these sweet ladies that traveled from Memphis to attend!!
We also had numerous clients that drove in from Houston - they all found us during the Houston Nutcracker last year!! I love that! And they found out about the event through the blog.....see what I mean about finding us anywhere!

Thanks again to all of you for continuing to support and encourage are why we do this!
 And I must thank fellow bloggers Theresa of Garden Antiques, Deb of Talking Trash, Marcie and Mayron of Unique Unique Designs for supporting and promoting us the way you do!! It means so much to are great friends and I treasure you!
Now, it's time to get the wagons loaded for First sure to visit us at both locations! We'll be here waiting for you Thursday - Sunday!!!


Anonymous said...

Yea!!! So glad your day continued on like it was when we were there. Of course the store looked fabulous!! And you do have a wonderful crew! We've loved Monica for yrs and now we are getting to know Tina. And what a guy! Great picks all the way around (merchandise and crew!) :)

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

LaurieAnna, I have got to tell you that I heard lots of great things about Saturday! I hate that I was unable to make it, but with Warrenton coming in a few weeks, my public appearances have been limited to garage sales, thrift stores and Lowe's. My "real" job sure gets in the way of my prep time. Congrats on a wonderful weekend! Cheers! ~Mindy

Sweet Old Vintage said...


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

We had the best time seeing all your great displays. Ya'll did an awesome over the top job!!

glimpse of my world said...

Hey Laura Anna! I spoke with Theresa @ Garden Vintage on Saturday afternoon .. she told me about all the wonderful things you had... will see you soon.. Take care and congrats on an amazing day!

Anne~fiona and twig said...

So much prettiness all in one amazing space! Ohio is entirely too far away from Texas, how I would love to spend the day getting lost in your store!

trash talk said...

I know I missed seeing a lot by coming late, but it was great getting to visit with you and I don't imagine you would have had time earlier!
Everything looked beautiful and I left feeling very inspired!
Y'alls hard work showed.

Barbara said...

LaurieAnna, So sorry I was not able to be there Saturday, Sharon and I enjoyed the last one so much. So happy to hear it was a great success.

Hope to see you soon.


Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Found you from Tina's blog...I am in Ca~your store is amazing!!!!

Wish I lived closer. There are so many great places and people in Texas. It is on my list to visit in the next year or two.

Much success to you~Sheri

momomany said...

Your store is Gorgeous! Passing through Canton on our way to Ben Wheeler this weekend to check out all the changes happening there. We will be stoppin by for sure!! Amy

Wizard of Was said...

Oh my goodness, my goodness, my goodness! What absolutely AMAZING displays! And I am sure that in person it was even more fabulous! I only wish I lived a tad bit closer. Who knows maybe your next "open house", I will be the furthest traveled(CA). Anyway, congradulations on a fantastic, successful venture!
My Best

Beth said...

Hi! I came by your store today and love everything! We try to make it to Canton a few times a year and always enjoy seeing what ya'll have that's new! I posted some pics I took at your store and a link to your blog from mine. Great stuff!

Colleen Hickey said...

Hi, found this super amazing set of photos on garden antq's vintage. Wonderful. I do have a question: where the heck is your music on/off button? I have music in my shop playing on speakers through the computer and yours and mine are playing together so now I have to go! So sorry!

Mary Frances said...

I "found" you at the Houston Nutcracker Market last year, and sadly could not make it this weekend, but my daughter lives in Dallas and I definitely will see my way to Canton before this year is out! Your husband was so sweet and patient with me on the phone, and you emailed me concerning small items I had inquired about (moss ball ornaments)when you sold a Christmas tree in your lovely shop and took down the decorations on it. I astounded me that you thought of a long distance on-line customer while waiting on another in your truly have a gift for what you do and you do it with such a heartwarming personal touch...and you love kitties, too! I can't wait for the Nutcracker Market as well...hope you can make it the treat it was last year!!
Mary Frances

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Your store looks fabulous!! I wish I could shop there! Sounds like you are in Texas? Where are you guys? Maybe I can make a trip sometime if it's not too far. :)

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

It all looks SO, SO wonderful - I love all of your gorgeous displays. I only wish I could have been there...