Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Swedish Interiors

Stacks of books can always be found on my coffee table and desk.  Among my favorites are design and decorating books.  I spent some time with this one yesterday, Swedish Interiors by Rhonda Eleish & Edie Van Breems,, published in 2007.  I love this book!

Swedish Design has become very popular in the US over the past few years

One of my big plans for 2010 is to simplify....perhaps that's why I'm drawn to these Swedish rooms.
Lots of white and natural light.  Don't you love the fresh simplicity?

Couldn't you curl up in that bed?

Aside from the beautiful photography, this book shares insight about many different styles of Swedish design, the text is fabulous!  You can find this book on Amazon.

Look around, do you see some Swedish style in your own home?



Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Laurie, I too love Swedish design. You should check out some of the Swedish blogs listed on my International list, they are fabulous. I'll have to check out this book, T


LaurieAnna - let's just say that I see the "need" for Swedish style. I've redesigned in my mind, it's just making it happen that eludes me. This book you have highlighted looks like a must read, and possibly the catalyst for a refreshing update! Thanks so much for sharing ~ Angela

Tanna said...

I'm lovin' that simple style!!

Whatever Is Lovely said...

Hi Laurie Anna! I have fallen in love with this style! Clean..Peaceful.. Love that book too! I put an Amazon scrolling widget on my blog of favorites & this book is one of them!

Hope you are having a Beautiful Week!

Blessings ~ Teresa

Elsie said...

LaurieAnna~ I don't do well with
simplicity. I am a true "junker" and my house certainly shows it. I love all the antiques and vintage items. Hubby says I was born in the
wrong era. I try so hard,but then
all that good junk comes fourth
and ends up in every room.I do love
looking at it in someone else's


Hi Laurie Anna,
The Sweedish style is so inspiring. The simplistic look is quite appealing...however, whenever I try to "pare" down to go for that look, I overwhelm my self with "but I have to keep this, I love this" and it goes on, until I put everything back! I guess it goes to show you, that just beacuse you really love a look, you don't have to turn your house upside down...just sit back with a good Sweedish style book and enjoy the look for what it is...a little late in life, but I'm learning (hopefully)...that is until the next wave hits me...Ha! Have a great day! (I love my little birdies BTW...

red.neck chic said...

I try... I really do try - because I love Swedish design so much...

it's not working. LOL I do love looking through the books though!!! Maybe after the resident teen moves out? Hmmmm....

Thank You for the inspiration!!!
;-) robelyn

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

I do love the simplcity, and I had also planned to simplify this year, but I will have a hard time giving up my little treasures.

trash talk said...

If you count an almost empty bottle of Absolut from 4 years ago, a masseuse named Lars and my tulip table from Ikea...I'm just full of style!

sweetpea said...

I love this style as well, though I could never edit my home that much. Alas I am a "stuff" person. I am addicted to books like these as well.



Jeanette said...

I love those kind of books also! Thanks for the inspiration. Love it.