Saturday, May 08, 2010

Right Brain Confessions

It used to embarrass me, but I've accepted it as a trademark flaw.  I am and forever will be disorganized.  I say, "it is what it is; why fight it?"

The inside of my vehicle is always filled with stuff, or as hubster refers to it, "crap".  I hate for him to drive my vehicle anywhere because I know I'm going to get that annoyed disapproving look and the same question he's been asking for 15 years, "Why is there so much crap in here?"

The scenery in the cockpit is constantly changing, but it's typically a mixture of receipts, loose change, reading glasses, sunglasses, chapstick, lipstick, rings of keys, peppermint wrappers, price tags, folders, books, magazines, boxes, bags, misc chargers, camera, ipod, laptop, extra shoes, usually a garment or two, pet food (I always keep this for strays I may find), rope and bungees (I may have to strap something on to a trailer), and whatever I may be hauling around in the hatch / backseat that day (or for however long it takes me to unload it....this can be weeks sometimes).  And, if we're in the middle of a show and you're riding with me, chances are great that something will be sitting in your lap.  Almost everyone on the crew has sat in my passenger seat holding something at one time or another....just ask them!

It's always been like this, it's not going to change, my vehicle is, and always will be, my big purse on wheels.  Nowadays, it's a big filing cabinet on wheels too!

So, make note, if you're seeking a sterile empty vehicle to get you where you're going, turn down my offer of a ride.  However, if you're looking for a vehicle cram packed full of activity that always has something to read or play with.....hop in (although you'll need to move something first)! 

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. 

I feel so much better now. 

Are there enough of us to start a support group?...


Prior said...

lol, my son said today, as he was putting a very rusty base to an aquarium in my mini-van that his dad needed to get me a small car so I wouldn't have so much room for junk, but I just told him I needed a truck!
If I know hubs is driving my car ahead of time I try to do a quick declutter.(cause that is my hiding place,too!) Lezlee

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

lol...cute Lezlee! I typically don't get a heads up that he's taking it. Although, I do clean it out before oil changes...don't want to scare the nice guys at the Qwik Oil Change!

Karen said...

Count me in. I'm right there with you!!
Ladybug Creek

Classic.....with a twist said...

This is hysterical! When my kids were little I could blame it on them. But, now I have to admit it's just me. Thanks for the big laugh tonight, you can count me in too!

Taylor in Tyler said...

LOL, I could have written this post!

Joanne Kennedy said...

I can totally relate to this post. My car is always a mess and the trunk is so full I can't seem to put one more thing in there. My back seat has so much stuff in it that no one can sit back there unless you are a tiny kid.

Today my great niece said she loves to ride in my car because she always finds lose change. In fact, she has started to collect it all and it's in a draw string bag. She said when it's full she is going to cash it in and go on a vacation.

When I do get around to cleaning my car I am always surprised by a few of the things I find in there. I often buy stuff and forget I have it.


Brynwood Needleworks said...

You're so funny, LaurieAnna! My sister's car is always like this, too. I always joked with her and told her it's like riding around in a dumpster. When we shared a bedroom as kids, she was like that, too. Drove me nuts!

You know the saying, "A cluttered [car] is a sign of a creative mind." (OK, not exactly, but you get the point.)

Happy Mother's Day, my friend.

Callie said...

Anytime I can't find something in the house, I always find it in my car. Does that tell you anything? Great post!

Sherry Goodloe said...

I'm with Callie! As a matter of fact, I need to go out to the car and get those items I picked up at the flea market last month out of the trunk! LOL

Sueann said...

Oh dear! I must have OCD when it comes to my is clutter-free and very clean. I can't stand stuff laying around in it. Now my house is another matter...clutter everywhere. LOL!!
Got a group for that???

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

My daughter could be in your group ~ if you saw her car you'd think she's living in it! I, on the other hand, keep nothing in my car {except an umbrella and a snow brush in winter} that isn't coming out of the car with me. But I'm like that everywhere ~ I hate a cluttered desk or countertop, too!

SusieQ said...

My van exactly. I swear I could survive there, and I swear I do clean it out. Understand completely, but it's You and you are so creative.

Tarnished Rose said...

Oh my, you mean there is someone else out there like me? My husband HATES to drive my truck because it's always filled with what he calls sh@@ (sorry, his language is a little colorful). No one else seems to care, just him. Soooooo whenever we have to take my truck, it's a mad dash to get everything into the house, where I get that disapproving look and the "when are you going to clean this mess up" speach. You would think after 22 years, the man would realize I'm not organized and I love my things around me. Oh well, such is married life!


Anonymous said...

Oh, this was hilarious!! I'm SO ocd about keeping my desk neat, my kitchen uber-organized, etc... but half the time you have to move a pile of jackets, scooch over a mound of fast food cups and water bottles just to SIT in my car, lol. (Much less haul real PEOPLE in there?!?!) My hubby hates my Purse on Wheels too. Thanks for coining the phrase, I just decided thats what mine is too! ;)

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

My car is kept pretty clean but never, ever look in my kitchen junk drawers! Hubby says it's not safe to go in there.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

L, are you sure you weren't looking in my truck? Happy Mother's Day.

Amy R. said...

I feel so much better now, you don't even know! My husband says the same thing about my van and from now on, I am going to stop feeing bad about it. It's just me!
Thanks for sharing!

Mz V said...

You are channeling me, I know it! My husband gets that VERY SAME LOOK everytime he gets in my car (I've called it the mini-warehouse for years)...I'm sorry..I LIVE in my car. It's where I pray, sing, laugh, cry, mull over projects and where I carry around all my work-in-progress stuff. After all, artists usually have studios, right? Don't move that. I know right where everything is.

paperjunk-lc said...

I'd love to be your organizational assistant. I'd keep your car clean, organize your receipts and price everything in the store for you. You could pay me in burlap goodies and a seat on one of your junking trips!!! ha ha

Meng Leenen said...

What will the poor strays eat if you clean out your car :(

Meng Leenan