Monday, August 30, 2010

Fall Preview Photos Round 2

You didn't think I was done did you?  Lots more photos to share!  Take a look at our large clothing room, or as we refer to it, the Flax room!  
I absolutely love this section of the new shoppe.  Take a look....

Okay, seriously now, isn't that huge clock wonderful?  I love it almost as much as the antique dry goods sign.....almost! 

Any guesses as to what I used on the wall treatment in this room?.... 

Time's's tissue paper!  288 sheets, 4 boxes of staples, a hammer tacker, and a bandage for my thumb.  I hammer tacked a staple all the way to the bone.  I stopped long enough to bandage it up and kept right on going.  How's that for a thumbs up?.  : )  My life is full of DIY adventures and mishaps!

Our clothing display racks.....vintage nesting boxes that were vigorously scrubbed and then clear coated!
They brought lots of smiles!

I've been collecting old galvanized funnels for a while. No idea why, they've just been speaking to me, probably the metal. When we began working on jewelry displays for the new shoppe, I thought they would make great display props....and boy did they ever!  I love the look of the pearls against the aged metal.
Our European soaps were one of the hottest things going! The best selling scent? Lemongrass!

Thanks again to all that visited during our special day, and thanks also for all the Facebook love yesterday! 

I created a business Facebook page at 10am yesterday morning and  before I went to bed it had over 100 fans!  How cool is that?...  Just tickled me pink!  You guys rock!

I still have loads more photos to share, this shoppe is so big and I've only shown you a smidge of it. 

But, first, it's time to get ready for First Monday! 

This show is one of the big ones....will you be here? 


Pearl said...

What a gorgeous shop you have! Congrats on the opening and I can't wait to see more.

Julie said...

We had the best time shopping at your new store! I love everything I bought!

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

wow! how pretty is your store? you will have to do a tutorial on how to do the tissue paper wall treatment? Is it just scrunch and tack?? I am following you now too!

White Rose Cottage said...

Everything looks so beautiful! I love that wall!

Flipit said...

I loved the jewelry displayed on the funnels, love your ideas!

Elsie said...

Love the flax,love the galvanized
funnels,love the tissue wall,(sorry
about your finger),I just love it
all!!! The chicken feeders I have
seen used as curtain rods and they
definitely work for your flax. I
use mine for a towel rack in the
bath. It all is just beautiful and
I can't wait to see it.":O)

bricarwaller said...

Your shop is gorgeous!!! Wish I lived close enough to visit. Love your DIY wall treatment, that's exactly something I would do. Congratulations! So beautiful:)

Kathy said...

Oh how I wish I were close enough to come visit your shop! It looks so wonderful. I would have to allow an entire day to go through everything!
All of your display ideas are awesome. But if I may, I think your "chicken coops" are actually nesting boxes.
Best of Luck with your new shop.

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

Kathy, you are correct, thanks for the catch!

Picket Fences said...

Everything is so beautiful! Love it all!

kaye said...

vintage is love.

Four All Seasons said...

Your store is just lovely!!! So happy for you!