Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jump in and hang on!

Click click click….you know that sound that a roller coaster makes when it is clicking it’s way to the top? You’re almost there, the gears are clicking, each click takes you one notch further to the top, your heart is pounding, and then just as it gets to the top almost stops right before it drops over the edge and takes off like a shot!!

That’s exactly what it feels like for us right now. We’re clicking our way to the top, getting ready for the fast paced ride that will be our life for the next 2 months.

Get on board with us and this is what you will see!

Sept 30 – Oct 3rd
Canton First Monday

October 23rd
A Vintage Farmhouse Christmas, 1 day event at the Shoppe!
Come see the shoppe transformed for the Holidays!

Oct 28th – 31st
Canton First Monday

Nov – 1st – 6th
Mistletoe Marketplace, Jackson Mississippi
Nov 7th – 14th
Houston Ballet Nutcracker Gift Market, Houston Texas

Dec 2nd – 6th
Canton First Monday

Fasten your seat belt and hang on for a wild and wonderful ride! The crazy wonderfulness and dizzying pace begins Thursday morning at 9am!

Are you ready to shop?... See you then!


Laurie said...

You had my palms sweating just thinking about those clicks! Hope you have a great and thrilling ride!

Elsie said...

Wow LaurieAnna what a ride it will be!!! I will
be there Oct.28-31st to check out your new store. I can't wait.":O)

Stephanie said...

LaurieAnna - congrats on the Dallas Morning News Article!! Hope to see you at Vintage Farmhouse Christmas.

Carol said...

Wow, I came by( and bought, of course) the new shop today, while we were in town for First Monday. How awesome,I loved it! Congrats! The whole store set-up, displays etc. are just to die for!
Carol in GA

Anonymous said...

be happy and love. kiss