Sunday, September 12, 2010

You told two friends, and they told two friends...

There was a commercial from the 80s for Faberge Organic shampoo that used the catch phrase, "I told two friends, then they told two friends, and so on and so on".  Do any of you remember it? 

I was reminded of that commercial as I read through some recent blog posts about the opening of our new shoppe just a couple weeks ago.  You see, we don't advertise.  Well I should say, we don't advertise in the traditional mediums.  Our advertising?  Our customers.  How?  They tell their friends!

You won't find a billboard with our business name on it, but you will find our name gracing the blogs and FB pages of our clients and friends.  And mind you, it's not just pictures, not just our name, but something far more special, it's their experience in our shoppe!  There's not an ad or a billboard that can possibly convey that, and there's no way to place a value on it! 

We have the best advertising that money CAN'T buy....YOU!

Here's just a snippet of some of our recent advertising...

How's that for an unexpected advertising campaign?  Be sure to visit their blogs by clicking the links!

Thank you my friends for telling your friends, not just on the blogs, but also through word of mouth. It is the best gift I could ever get!

If you know of other posts please send them to me so I can share them! 

P.S.  Does anyone else remember that commercial?


Blissful Endings said...

Yes, I do remember that commercial although admitting it does date me. I've seen your store mentioned on several other blogs, if I can find them.

Ellie's Bungalow said...

There's a reason that we all talk about your store, it's FAB-U-LOUS!!

Taylor in Tyler said...

After reading your post I had to go to youtube to see if that commercial was on there and it is! Too funny! And, just so you know, it's not just how pretty your store is that people talk about it's how great they feel when they are there. Your store is truly something special.

Vintage Home said...

...yes I remember well that commercial....your store loooks wonderful...wish we lived next door! said...

I remember the commercial
Yours is one of the most beautiful shoppes I've ever seen. I think I could lose myself there for hours on end!

Unknown said...

I've told everyone I know about what is going on over there at your place... and each person says the same thing "There's nothing like it!"
Your spirit of happiness and joy and uniqueness overflows to all who enter. No one can help but share the experience.
Thanks for including me :)
Becky C

Classic.....with a twist said...

I echo what Becky said, I've told everyone, YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS STORE! There's nothing that even comes close to it as far as I'm concerned!

Nancy @ Ella Elaine said...

I am always so inspired whenever I visit your store to go back to my booths in McKinney and let loose and be myself with my displays.
I will advertise for you anyday!

Elsie said...

Laurie I have seen your store advertised on so many blogs.
Everyone loves your store so why
not advertise it. Yes I remember
that commercial too. I am so glad
that it worked for you. I can't
wait to see your store.":O)

Carol Bennett said...

I can't wait to get back to Canton and see the store! Nothing like it where I am!!
Carol in GA

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Congrats on the success of your store. I only wish I lived close enough to visit. You know bloggers all love to talk and when we find something as fabulous as your store we are sure to tell everyone.
xo, Sherry

Sarah said...

Cute post! And yes, I do remember that commercial.

Unknown said...

Well, next time I am taking some pictures to post as words just don't cut it. And about the commercial...I was in California doing a training class a few months ago and I referenced this commercial. I got blank looks! I realized that the average age in the room was less than 30, so I just moved on. Glad to hear that others remember this commercial. Can't wait to see you soon...I am bringing my Mother and some friends with me this time....better stock up.

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

Denis, next time I am strapping an apron on you and adding you to the fit right in with this crazy bunch!

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...


You've done more than your fair share of singing our praises, thanks so much for that!