Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Floating Plates ~ Easy DIY Tutorial

I have a tutorial to share with you, but first I have to share my excitment about our bedroom makeover last year making the Top 12 Makeovers of 2010 list on Better After.  How cool is that?  Thank you Lindsey!

Okay, now a quick tutorial I wanted to share.  This wall of plates and platters at the Shoppe is a favorite with customers.  And, with no evidence of a plate hanger, there's not a sales day that goes by that someone doesn't ask, "How are those platters hanging up there?".
That makes me smile, because I wanted the plates to look as if they were floating on the wall rather than seeing the evidence of a metal plate hanger.  It's such a simple and clean look that doesn't distract from the beauty of the plates and platters.  This is such an easy project, and since so many customers ask about it, I thought I would share how we hung them.

Supplies:  All you will need is a tube of epoxy, a d-ring hanger, a marker, and of course your plate or platter.

To get started, flip the plate over and determine where you want to affix the d-ring (hanger) on the plate back.  Make sure you get it centered. 
We've found that it works best if the top of the d-ring sits on the top of the plate rim.  It also helps if you mark the spot with a marker. 
The hanger we're using has 2 holes so that it could be attached to the wall or wood.  The holes serve no purpose for this project, but are good for marking the spot.  Once you've marked the spot, remove the d-ring.
Now, with your spot marked you're ready to mix your epoxy.  Follow the directions on the package.  We use Loctite which is self mixing and squeezes out from a nozzle. 
Squeeze the epoxy in a circle (about the size of a quarter) all around the spot where the d-ring will be placed.  
Next, press the flat back of the d-ring deep into the epoxy until it is firmly against the plate back.  Make sure to get the d-ring straight and centered, lining it up to the marks you made so that your plate will hang straight. 
Let it dry overnight and you're ready to hang your plate.
Here's a few extra tips:  
  • Wear clear project gloves when working with epoxy because it's difficult to remove from skin.  
  • Work quickly after mixing the epoxy as it begins to dry fast. 
  • Longer drying time strengthens the adhesion.  The only mishap we had was with the first one we hung because we didn't allow it to dry overnight. 
I wish all projects were as easy as this one.  Now, get to hanging those plates!