Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lavender Sachets....Just 4 More Days....

We've been burning the midnight oil....literally.  Hubster and I didn't arrive home until after 1am from working at the Shoppe all day....and night.  It's been weeks since we've had a day off, but the excitement of getting to transform the Shoppe for Spring trumps exhaustion every time. :)  

I am just elated with the look of the Shoppe and have so many amazing items to share with you!  One of my favorites are these beautiful tea stained sachets filled with lavender.  

Tell the truth, aren't they just the prettiest things? 


Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

LaurieAnna ~
Yes those are precious!!!
I can't wait to see your shop!!
I know it is going to make
me have tears in my eyes again
just from how gorgeous
it is ~


LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

Lori, your visits to the Shoppe, and my blog, always make me smile!

Wanda said...

Oh, yes. They are ever so pretty! I know it's all going to be wonderful.

Count your blessings that your husband is willing to put the time in at the shoppe. Mine did a lot of work getting it ready to open, but only the carpentry work, mind you, and has barely been back since. He'd almost rather eat dirt than help me out in the shop now. LOL

Wanda @ Just Vintage

Mammy said...

Gasp! Love those sachets. Oh please, won't you put them in the online shop?

Nancy said...

They are just adorable! I wish I lived closer to see your Beautiful Store!! Yes I know the Hard work a couple has to put in to make it successful, my hubby helps me too!!

slommler said...

Yes they are so pretty!! Love them!! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!!

Susan said...

I bet they smell beautiful!