Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sign Language

Wisdom on wood.

My sweet friend and fellow blogger, Lori in front of her sign!

Don't you love them?!

Some are in stock at the Shoppe,
some are available online,
some are on re-order,
but all are wise quotes.
My favorites are passion and enthusiasm, what's yours?

Signing off 'til next time.... :~))

P.S.  First Monday is next week!


Casa Bella said...

I love those signs. How inspirational!

slommler said...

My fav is Live Large and Imperfection!!
Great signs

Lori said...

Live Large, and the perfect day... plus, YAY, Made in the USA all of them!

Emily said...

I think we're coming Thursday if the weather is nice. We'll be bringing the new little man in my life!

Kathy Kupferschmid said...

I love them all!! Your shop is beautiful...wished I lived a little bit closer!!

Blissful Endings said...

Those signs are so much fun! My fav is the first one! Is that one for sale online?

White Rose Cottage said...

Love them all!

The Cranky Queen said...

I love those signs. There is a cute little shop in my town that sells those, & I love the various sayings...some are so true....Thanx for sharing...Have a great week. Tiff

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Anonymous said...

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