Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June Specials!

We've been rockin the Shoppe, getting it ready for your visit this week!

And, we've come up with some great June show specials, take a quick peek at a few of them! *

White Candlesticks - 3 sizes!

Small - Reg. $9.95 - SALE $6.95

Medium - Reg. $22.95 - SALE $14.95

Large - Reg. $24.95 - SALE $16.95

Metal Garden Shoe (2 styles)
Reg. $16.95
Sale $9.95

Wooden caddy 5 bottle vase
Reg. $14.95
Sale $9.95

The June show specials are just a small part of the bargains this month!  I'm so excited to share that we have increased the size of the Shoppe, we've just built out and added a 600 square foot closeout / scratch and dent section that offers tremendous savings, 
50 - 75% off!

Make sure you check it out during your next trip!  No doubt the early bird will get the worm on the bargains!

*Supplies are limited for the show specials.  Sale prices are not available for online purchases, must be purchased in person at the Shoppe.

It all begins Thursday morning at 8am!!


P.S.  Thanks for the emails regarding problems with leaving a comment.  Comments are still not working for everyone on Blogger, but they are getting some of the kinks worked out.  :))  I wish it was something I could fix, we just have to be patient, so keep trying!


Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Laurie ~
Those are awesome bargains!!
How fun to have a scratch and dent section :)


Ruby Grace's said...

I am making it my mission this month to come and visit you. I have been out of town or swamped at work the last few months and miss seeing you guys. Hopefully I will see you on Thursday...save me some stuff!

Becky C said...

I can't wait! We will see you Thursday :)
Becky C

Alexis said...

What a great deal! I love that shoe, I may just have to get it for my little bathroom :). I'm your newest follower and looking forward to seeing future posts!

Kary Ross said...

Love your specials! I am actually in Tyler and getting to come to Canton while my husband is doing some business here in Tyler. I have NEVER been to Canton. I want to visit your shoppe first. Any suggestions? I will travel via Hwy 64. I'll have to mapquest the directions to your store to Hwy 19. Any other ideas I need to know to get there. Thanks!!

Stephanie said...

Wish we could make it this time! Mom and I are actually having a sale of our own on Saturday - see my blog for some recent pieces I've painted. Hope you have a GREAT sale!!

Anonymous said...

We visited your gorgeous store for the first time yesterday and I must say that the photos I've seen do not even come close to capturing the charm! Completely jaw dropping gorgeous! We were in complete awe and stayed for hours, I am in love with your store!

Tamara Windsor
San Antonio, Tx

Anonymous said...

Hey - I am definitely glad to find this. Good job!

Anonymous said...

THX for sharing

Katy said...

Absolutely love those candlesticks. Might have to pick a few up!