Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Cute Lil' LaurieAnna's Vintage Camper

Spend an hour browsing Craigslist,
a quick trip to Houston,
a little cash,
and what do you get?

Take a little wood,
a little burlap and paint,
lots of enthusiastic participation,
and what do you get?

This was one of the many surprises waiting for customers during our Fall Preview Party, and wow was it a hit!
Our little Craigslist hand built camper was a perfect prop, it just needed a little makeover. 
So, hubster built a platform to raise it over a foot, he even added casters to the bottom so we can move it around the Shoppe with little effort.
Then we dry-brushed it with some really old, thick and gunky, white paint.  Nothing better than old paint for drybrushing.
Papered the walls, made a door using an old window, and made a window by using a distressed mirror.
We made tire covers using burlap and clothespins
added a porch light, a mailbox (a gift from my sweet friend Patti), and of course some accents from LaurieAnna’s Vintage Home and the result?... a very unique Shoppe prop....
Occupied by one very unique Shoppe Dog.
Zeek always has to be in the middle of the fun!
We will have it all decorated up for Christmas in the upcoming show!
Isn’t it the cutest thing?
We'll leave the light on for you.