Monday, November 26, 2012

Twas the Night Before Show-Time

Twas the night before show-time and all thru the shoppe
I was fretting and fluffing - the store had to pop
The crew  were all present and ready to go
Time to decorate trees and put out the snow
When back from the warehouse there arose such a clatter
Willie sprang to his feet to see what was  the matter
He found Kenny and Rodney with boxes galore
Full of newly shipped treasures to go on the floor
Now Denis, now Patty, now Deborah and Jan
Get that merchandise priced as fast as you can
Put out the owls, and the penguins, and candles
Grab the pretty new garland and decorate the mantles

More jewelry, more scarves, more clothes to wear
Grab that chandelier, Willie - let's put it up there
More mirrors to shine, more lights to light
We worked frantically through most of the night

When our work was done and the store a-glow
I knew at last, we were ready for the show
With lots of new merchandise and fun things to share
The fun begins Thursday, November 29th - can't wait to see you there!
Store location:
1457 N. Trade Days Blvd., Canton, Texas 75103
Store Hours: 
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday & Saturday 9am - 6pm
Sunday 9am - 5pm
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Phyllis @Around the House said...

so many beautiful the owls and all the sparkle

Michelle said...

Love it! Your blog is a favorite of mine, so many beautiful things!!

Lulu said...

When I am big I want a shop like yours!
Favourite post I've read today;)
Love it!
Lulu x

Patty Sumner said...

How absolutely your version of "Twas the night before Christmas". How I wish I could be there to visit your shop. May many shoppers come through your doors. Blessings!

Hope Filled Living said...

Laurie Anna,
I just love your poetic version of the night before Christmas! Your store always amazes me...everything is so beautiful. Wish I lived closer so I could come in and shop and say hello!

A Thrifted Market said...

Love it!! I was just there this last weekend visiting Racee. I would have loved to come in and see all this gorgeous Christmas decor! Have a great show..just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

That was AWESOME...Oh how I wish I lived closer..Have a great day..

Anonymous said...

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Cynthia said...

This is awesome, I love all the stuff. I would love to be able shop at your place. Great post.


Anonymous said...

U have a photo of a dome with a tree, Santa and bells inside. an insect on the outside of dome. price? Thanks. From Louisville Ky

Mammy said...

Well, now aren't we waxing poetic this morning? Too cute! Please, please put some Christmas stuff in the online store for those of us who can't get to Canton!

Lindsay at Life of Splendor said...

I just found your blog and LOVE it! I dream of someday living in an old white farmhouse and I'm going to live vicariously through you and this blog until I do :) Also, your shop looks beautiful! I wish I lived close enough to visit...maybe someday!

MJ said...

Love this your page...what can I say...I LOVE YOUR SHOP! Im such a fan of your displays, vignettes they transport us all to another world.

One day I will make it there in person and shop my heart out..till then I shop online and love it too.

Wishing you a successful show and a fun time to be had by all!

Lucky 7 Design

scarlety123 said...

Hi, I have tried to contact you by email, but for some reason I can't get it to go through. My heart's desire is to have a booth in 2013 that resembles your vinettes. I want to incorporate new with old. To have reproductions as well as the real thing. I am searching for ideas. If you can help me with any advice, I would be forever grateful. I love your store. Thanks So much..

scarlety123 said...

my email is
I would love to hear from you. Thanks

Winton Rose Paper Creations said...

Your store looks beautiful. I wish I lived in Texas.