Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be My Valentine!

I can't help but feel warm and cuddly when I think about Valentine's Day. 

Valentines we exchanged as children were simple and silly.  They were not meant for romance (we were children, after all), but were made to make us smile.  I still remember creating a decorated cigar box to collect Valentines from classmates.  Do you remember those times?  And, do you remember adorable Valentine's cards like some of these? 
They still make me smile! :-))
Now as an adult, Valentine's Day represents a number of other things to me...

TRUE LOVE:  What more can I say?  I am a hopeless romantic, and love celebrating this special day with my wonderful hubby.  He is my best friend, biggest cheerleader, and true love!

THE BLESSING OF FAMILY AND FRIENDS:  They offer us unconditional love, laughter, hugs, support, encouragement....the list goes on and on.  On a day that represents 'love', it's hard not to think of the special relationships we hold with family and friends---including our extended Laurieanna's family of customers and crew!

PASSION:  Not just passion for a person, but passion for a belief, a cause...and even a job.  I am so blessed to do what I love.  Thank you for allowing me to share it with you!

What words or memories come to mind when you think about Valentine's Day?

Thank you all for the warmth and love you send to us at LaurieAnna's year round, each and every time to visit us in person or online.  And we send it right back to you---with big, big hugs!



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April said...

Love the vintage Valentine images! I also remember decorating a cigar box to hold all my Valentines in school! When I think of Valentine's Day I think of how blessed I am to have a wonderful husband who still loves me after 33 years, as well as our two grown children and their spouses. To me, Valentine's Day means blessings!