Thursday, June 20, 2013

I've Got the June "Bug"!

Holy Smokes!  Where did Spring go?  It's crazy to me that summer is here and one of my favorite months, the one that changes my self diagnosis from spring 'fever' to the June 'bug' is almost gone!

While there are definitely specific things I relate to June, I decided to do a little research to see why other folks might love this special month that kicks off our summer season.  And what I found was...ummm....interesting. For example, there are a number of untraditional celebrations that are lesser known, like:
'Hug Your Cat Day' -
Zeek and Emory would disown me.

'Old Maids Day'
Uh, no---not even going there.
'National Yo-Yo Day'
I think I will let Willie celebrate that one!
'Waffle Iron Day'
Guess I could celebrate that one at a restaurant.

'Iced Tea Day'
Now here's one I can get behind!  Nothing like making a little sun tea in June!

So while the research was interesting and entertaining, it did not change my personal reasons for loving June.  In comparison, some might even find my traditional, southern thoughts a bit boring---and that is OK, because to me, they are what June is all about:

I just can't get enough of the official flower of June---the rose. 

 Whether growing in our Farmhouse garden or displayed at The Shoppe, those beautiful, delicate buds just put a smile on my face. They may be depicted in a painting, formed into light fixtures on chandeliers, added as decorative elements on frames, or plates, or soaps----and wherever they are, they always make me feel happy!

You can't think of June without thinking of weddings!  It gives me such great joy when customers come to the Shoppe to find just the perfect lighting, linens, candles, flowers, place settings, bridesmaids gifts, clothes, displays---I could go on and on!  Whether families are planning traditional church weddings, outdoor ceremonies, or the very popular farmhouse/barn weddings, I hope those brides-to-be have as much fun shopping for their special treasures, as I have helping them find them.  Makes me so happy!!!
 And of course we couldn't forget Father's Day!
So many things about June make me happy!  What are some of your favorite things about June? 


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