Monday, April 14, 2014

Applause, applause... What a show!

What a show indeed!
Let me just start by saying if you weren't at the shoppe last week during our show or in Canton, then you were one of very few.
A packed Shoppe....filled with the things that make this place more like a home than a store.  Hence our name, LaurieAnna's Vintage "HOME".
We adore having all the babies and pups in the Shoppe, and you never fail to deliver. 

On any given day during the show, a visitor could wander in to the Shoppe and think we were holding a cutest baby contest. much cuteness! These moms could sell tickets just to be in the presence of such cuteness!
 We were delighted to have a bus load of probably 40 women from the Covenant Church of Colleyville. 
Dressed in cute matching t-shirts, what a treat these ladies were to have as guests in our Shoppe home. Many of them have been long-time LaurieAnna's shoppers.....we're happy to be on their bus route during their Canton trips.
Our sweet friends Tracy and Michael, along with their family and friends, popped in...they are former LA crew members and we miss seeing them so much!  They requested some time with Emory and Zeek. 
 I'm amazed by how many people ask to see Zeek and Emory. 

They are always present during the shows although they can typically be found napping in my office.
One of my all-time sweetest customer experiences, I spotted this dad walking through the store carrying 4 wooden swords.  I smiled and asked, "Knife thrower?". :-) Turns out, he and his wife visited the Shoppe with their sons. They had just purchased wood swords for the boys at the First Monday grounds.  Upon entering the Shoppe, I guess he decided that perhaps the swords and the Shoppe might not be a good fit.  Too cute!  He returned the swords to the boys outside and was kind enough to let me snap a pic. 
Being a Shoppe owner is an amazingly rewarding long as you make sure it's about more than sales. 
Don't get me wrong, the record breaking sales that we enjoyed this past show are  a blessing.  A blessing that lets us keep on doing what we love, but the real reward is the people. 
Hands's the people.

Thank you making LaurieAnna's a destination store, thank you for telling your friends, and thank you for visiting our home each are the reason for it all.
Thanks also for following us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. We have so many photos to share with you this month!
Till next time...


Ann said...

So wish you were open more. Love, love your home and it is always my first stop in Canton.

Stacey said...

I spent my fair share that weekend and could have spent more! Everything was just breath taking and so tempting. :)

Ana Meiers said...

What sweet pictures of babies and fur babies! I've never been to your shop, but I just love everything I see and your style really inspires me! Happy Easter! Blessings!

White Lace and Promises said...

What beautiful babies and people. Yes, the key is the customers! I loved managing a shop and was so sad when we had to close. The economy is so bad here. Thanks for sharing.