Saturday, July 18, 2015

Paper, Paper, Paper

This month, I've have been playing in the Paper room. Organizing, rearranging and having lots of fun (how could you not).

Because of its popularity, I've decided to expand, what was once a cozy corner into a creative oasis. To many of you the paper room is a like heaven and a favorite spot to shop.

The paper room is stocked sky high with items that will surely get your creative juices flowing. 

From inspirational journals and notepads to doodle in, pretty note cards perfect for brightening someone's day, postcards (paper and plywood), file folders and of course tons of beautifully detailed single sheets of paper as well as textured rolls. 

This room isn't limited too just paper though...
Some other crafty findings are fabric and burlap ribbon, chalkboards and chalk, bottles for floral arranging, magnetic clips, and decorative place card holders...I just can't name them all. 

During past shows, the question of what to do with these lovely sheets of paper has been asked. My crafty guru's have suggested laminating individual sheets to use as place mats. 

They make a great conversation piece and a perfect addition to any table. Other suggestions are framing, lining dresser drawers and covering the inside walls of cabinets and wardrobes.

Inspired? Come shop our newly expanded Paper room during our next show. It starts Thursday, July 30th at 9 am. 

Til next time...

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Location: 1457 N Trade Days Blvd., Canton, Texas 75103

Next Show Dates: July 30-August 2, 2015
Thursday: 9-5 pm, Friday & Saturday: 9-6 pm and Sunday: 9-5 pm 

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At Rivercrest Cottage said...

I bought 3 of the papers; all sheep. I plan to frame them unless someone comes up with a better suggestion. I like the idea of laminating them and hope you will do that and carry them in your store: I'll take a set of 4 please!