Monday, December 28, 2009

Unique Unique, What a Treat!

Argyle is quite a drive from Canton, 1 hour and 52 minutes to be exact, but who cares when this is waiting!
You are looking at the home of my friend, Marcie Henehan. She comprises one half of the team that makes up Unique Unique Design! She and her long time business partner, Mayron Simpson, have spent almost 10 years developing their own branded style. They spend much of their time on the hunt for unique things to showcase in their semi annual home shows. It's rumored that one will take place early next year, keep a watch on their blog for a future date. I had the opportunity to visit her lovely home recently and wow!
Upon entering the doors, I knew I was in for a treat. The predominately gray and white color scheme is so crisp and light, and Marcie's blend of contemporary and vintage was brilliantly styled!
A few steps inside the large entry, you are greeted by this sitting area. I was completely in love with the white setee, but it was already sold! *sigh* Someone will be very happy!

Marcie and Mayron use less things but on a much grander scale. I think that's harder to master than filling a room with lots of small things, and they have it down to an art!
Unique unique is right....look at the stairwell!

Marcie referred to this as the "glam room". It was my was the massage table with the bolsters. Guess was sold too!

My pocket book was happy but my heart was not.

Sponges filled with ornaments, very unexpected....I love it!
The kitchen was just wonderful, I loved the ladder standing in the middle and the industrial table in the center. As it turns out, the table was the perfect size for the kitchen at 5th Place. It's now mine, you will see it again in a future post!

Try as I may, I couldn't talk Marcie out of her silverware!

Loved the brown tree and all the statues, again very unexpected!

The bathroom was just wonderful, loved the retro chair sitting in the middle. Notice how it blocks the view of another sitting area?!

Grand scale accessories even in the bathroom, just fabulous!

The round art pieces on the wall were compliments of a street sweeper...they were the brushes!

Such great balance and rhythm.

Another bathroom filled with large scale items!

Thanks for taking the tour with me and a big thanks to my friends Marcie and Mayron for inviting me for a visit.
Visit their blog to see more. I managed to take home a truckload - and then some!
How about you, see anything you would've taken home?


Mindy said...

What wonderful pictures! I'm glad you got to experience the magic in Argyle. I love me some M&M. Sounds like you are an official member of the fan club now! ~Mindy

unique unique design said...

Just clicked to your blog to say hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Imagine my surprise when your post was all about my house!! Your new camera works great!! Thank you so much for the great tour and wonderful comments on it. It's fun to hear someone else describe it all. Sorry about the silverware...we'd be eating with plastic forks. :) Mayron and I thank you again.

sweetpea said...

beautiful tour. thanks for taking us along.



Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Laurie, Marcie's home is just spectacular. Beyond gorgeous!

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

What beautiful pictures! The glam room was also my favorite. Thanks for sharing.

Tanna said...

Wonderful photos and tour!!! I loved the silverware, too! LOL! I have a weakness for that kind of thing! ;)

Sweet Old Vintage said...


Faded Charm said...

Absolutely Beautiful! I would have loved to be along with you, but your photos did the job just wonderfully. Thanks for sharing and I'm going to have to check out their blog.

Enjoy your week.


debi lynn mattingly said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!! Just wanted to drop by and say "hey" and hope you had a great year and beautiful Christmas.

Hopefully, one of these days between all that we both do with our stores and such, we will finally get a chance to meet up? :)
Until then...take care and here's to an even better 2010!


Barbara Jean said...

Beautiful post!

Thank you


barbara jean


Such a beautiful tour, thank you for sharing your photos! Looking forward to seeing how you use the new table in your new kitchen ~ Angela

The Green Pea said...

My prayers are with you Laurie Anna.
God Bless you. sandi

trash talk said...

Those two really are the dynamic duo, aren't they? They are the queens of repurposing with a purpose! Thanks for the tour.

Preemie Donna said...

Wounderful, always nice to see talent at its best. Both great ladies.

Elsie said...

Beautiful pictures,loved the tour,
thanks for taking me.:O)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you have been under the weather. Hope things are better now.
Isn't Marcie's home awesome. You did a great job of capturing her style. Thanks for sharing. Judy Hill