Friday, January 28, 2011

Maya Angelou - Nate Berkus Show

When I saw that Maya Angelou was going to be on the Nate Berkus show, I couldn't set the record button fast enough!  

Did any of you watch this episode? She has long been an inspiration for me, my heart could listen to her beautiful words of wisdom for hours. Nate interviewed Maya in her beautiful Harlem home and one thing in particular really spoke to me. 

When Nate asked her thoughts about Harlem, Maya shared her great love of historic Harlem and how happy she was to see that “the people were taking the community back”.

 Maya indicated that she could see that...

not by the people....but by the window boxes.

She said,
 “When people plant flowers in window boxes,
it means they are claiming their space”.

Such simple words - such profound meaning.

Don’t you think?...

As sweet Spring draws near, it won't be long until all of us can dig our fingers into the dirt and do a little "claiming" of our own. 

Have a beautiful weekend my friends!

"I long, as does every human being, to be at home
wherever I find myself. " ~Maya Angelou



Burlap Luxe said...

I saw the show today, and I am hanging onto every word she speaks.

Thank you dear one for making mention of our girl Maya Angelou!!

Great post you can be proud of yourself for posting it.


Sueann said...

Oh what a lovely thought!!!! I can't wait to start planting myself!! Flower boxes are so welcoming and friendly!!

Stephanie said...

Can't wait for Spring and for planting flowers! It's going to be 70 and sunny here today - just so happy!

Carol Bennett said...

We all ( Americans) need to go about "claiming our space" and being proud again! Thanks for this inspiring piece.
Carol in GA

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

What lovely thoughts from a wise woman. The window boxes are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I would love to have her as a dinner guest and talk away the hours. Window boxes, swept walks all show pride in who you are and where you live. Grammy always said you don't need money to keep a clean home.

Your Friend,

trash talk said...

I absolutely agree. She's a remarkable woman.
As our eyes are the windows to our souls, maybe window boxes are to the soul of a home.
Gosh, I would love to be able to see and then share as she does.

Unknown said...

I saw the show and loved it, looking at the window boxes Makes me even more ready for good weather, I can't wait to plant in mine and share with everyone...Happy Weekend.


Darla said...

I didn't see it, BUT those window container plantings are beautiful.

Unknown said...

Beautiful! Flowers have been calling my name lately :)
Guess what!! We are coming to see you tomorrow!!
I'll catch up with you, if you are not too busy.
Can't wait :)
Becky C

Blissful Endings said...

Dang, I'm so sorry I missed that, I just love her!

Thank you for sharing such a lovely post.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Unknown said...

I'm such a crazy person! We are NOT coming tomorrow! Duh! The next Saturday...for Canton. At least I hope we can still get away.
Just seeing if you were paying attention :) LOL
See you NEXT weekend
Becky C

Mel said...

Spring is gettting so close I can taste it!! Well, not too close, but I wish it was!!
Thanks for visiting me and following me too on Serafina and Stella! Make sure to stop by my renovation blog too at

I just started it so any feedback would be great, and bring your friends too!!:)

Lana P said...

Isn't she wonderful? Love the window boxes!

Scarlet said...

That was a great show!

Laurie said...

I did see the show and loved it. Maya has such a peace about her! I was lucky enough to see her speak in Portland, OR a few years back. What a treat it was!

lmckenney said...

I was waiting for this show, I have watched all the clips of this show on youtube..thank you for the

Heaven's Walk said...

Maya is an amazing woman. So full of faith and insight and common sense! Love her! I wish I could remember to look at the world the way she does....

xoxo laurie

Tennessee Girl said...

Beautiful, I love Maya

Brewster K said...

Maya is such an inspiration, I too am longing for Spring!

Dee ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ said...

I'm sorry I missed the show. I have flower boxes on my home. I long for winter to be over. I can't wait to fill them with beautiful flowers.