Friday, March 21, 2014

Sweet Easter Stand-up

We've been playing in the paper again.
Yup, you caught us! We decided to have another play day 
this week because we couldn't get enough of the last one. 

Here's what we made, a sweet little lamb stand-up. The perfect project for Easter.
First, I would like to give a shout out to our LA crew member Patty Moore. She was the true inspiration behind this play day creation. She originally made a few stands at home for fun.  After sharing them with our LA staff, we decided to display them as a prop in our paper room. They definitely got a lot of attention during our Spring show and many customers asked to purchase them. This tutorial was created because you asked. Now you can create your own.

Here are a few examples Patty shared with us.

C'mon, get creative! Think about adding some simple embellishments to your stand. For instance, we tied blue ribbon around the necks of these chicks. Cute right?!

Don't forget, all the paper featured in this post is available for purchase at our shoppe.

Have we told you lately how much we enjoy creating these tutorials for you? Well we do and love receiving your comments. This Easter inspired tutorial will be launched very soon. Til next time...

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