Friday, May 08, 2015

Rescue your Closet...A-Dress the Mess!

Spring time is all about renewing, refreshing and my favorite...ORGANIZING!

As you know, for the very first time in my 20 years of marriage, I have my very own walk-in closet.....Yay! This is a BIG deal! Let me tell you, I'm over the top excited. Yet, questioning how to go about organizing it...I'm a newbie ya know. 

Seriously, where do I start? After doing a bit of research and asking advice, I came across some fantastic hints, tips and tricks to share with you.  

I don't want to brag...It's really cool having a closet that is already empty (less work)...However, most of you will have take time to rummage through your items. 

So, let's start by Addressing the Mess!

Step 1: Start with a blank canvas! Completely empty and remove all items such as plastic containers, the laundry hamper, small accessories and items that obviously don't belong. Slow but surely, you will begin to see the outline, the "bare bones" of your closet. 

Step 2: Gently sort through your wardrobe. Make piles as you go and decide what you want to donate, keep and toss. Keep a few trash bags at hand for easy removal. 

Rule of Thumb: If you haven't worn it or used it in the last year...Purge it!

Step 3: Now, it's time to fill your closet again. Start by sorting your tops by style (sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve, blouses, jackets, dresses, etc.) then by color, hanging them in that order. This process helps with "finding things to wear".

Tip: Look for your colors when pairing items together.

Step 4: Sort all fall/winter attire. Heavy tops, long sleeve shirts, sweaters, and winter scarves. 
All can be stored into containers with lids. They stack nicely on top of each other and are easily accessible. Under the bed containers work great as well as the rolling multi-drawer storage bins. 
Tip: When storing items in a container, it's always a good idea to label the bin. 

Do you still have items left over and all your storage containers are full?  Yes?...This is where you need to decide to purge again or purchase additional binds. 

Tip: Store jeans, capris, and shorts on a shelf. These items are too heavy to store in a dresser drawer and visually, you can not see them. This gives you additional space in your dresser to store and organize tees, pjs, leggings, etc. 

Step 5: At this point you are ready to organize your accessories.
Be creative! Hang or loop your scarves, camis, and belts on decorative hooks and rods. Tip: Remember...You want them to be easily accessible and of course visually stimulating.

Here are a few examples to help you...

This vintage inspired rustic arm rod is a favorite of mine and is available online at A must have for your closet, bathroom and/or kitchen.

Well there you have it! I hope this post gives you a bit of inspiration and encouragement to Rescue Your Closet. 

"Spring Cleaning" is all about refreshing and renewing...No one said it would be easy. Tip: Don't attempt this task alone! Invite some girlfriends over, turn up the music and have some fun!

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