Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Silk Floral Arranging...It's easier than you think!

Floral arranging can be a fun DIY craft and a great creative outlet. 
But, don't be afraid...it's easier than you think. 
I absolutely love real flowers but, they never last as long as I want. So, learning to create silk floral arrangements have helped me to enjoy this ancient craft even more. 

Artificial flowers have become very popular over the last few years. With many types of styles and colors to choose from, your bound to find a perfect pairing.  Did you know silk flower arranging will save you money?  Reuse your vases and rearrange your floral collection often. It will help show off your artistic side and also brighten up your rooms in your home.

OK, Are you ready to get started?
Let's start with the most important set...Choosing a vase. 

There are many that will work but, consider choosing one that will best display the stems.

Next, decide how many stems will fit inside the vase you've chosen. This is an important step too! It will help you determine how big of an arrangement you can create and how much variety you can add (foliage, berries, greenery, etc).

...and the colors of the floral arrangement. What room will you be placing it in and will they go with your decor?  Keep it simply and sweet though. TIP: Too many colors make the display "busy" and the message behind it could be lost. 

Here's the fun part...Arranging your bundle.
Start with your greenery first. This step will aid in creating a foundation for your focal flower.

Next, choose your focal flower...Most likely the biggest bloom in your stack. Place them along side or near the greenery.

 Make sure one is stand straight to help hold the others in place. 

You have now created an outline and are ready to add your secondary flowers. 

Now add your filler flower of choice. 
Place them were you see holes.  And lastly, add leftover or additional greenery.

The last step is fluffing...my favorite! The really cool part about artificial flowers is that most stems, leaves, and blossoms are flexible because of the wire that is embedded. They all can be easily manipulated into any position you want.

See, it's that easy! These steps will work for any kind of floral arranging (silk and fresh flowers). I hope this tutorial has blossomed some creativity in you. 

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