Friday, August 07, 2015

Paper Crafting...Pumpkin Style

We're paper crafting again and what fun it was to make this adorable stacked accordion paper pumpkin. To make your own, follow the steps below. Grab some friends and make a day of it...Have fun!

Let's get started..
Step 1: Gather two contrasting 11 x 14 (or bigger) single sheets of paper, scissors, pencil, ruler, hot glue gun and glue sticks, and natural elements such as; small twigs and leaves.

Step 2: Cutting your Paper
Using your straight edge, pencil, and scissors; cut one of your pages into the following measurements.

(2) 1" strips, 7" long (1 for top and bottom medallion)
(1) 2" strip, 15'' long
(1) 1 1/2" strip, 12" long and
(1) 1 1/2" strip 9" long.

Tip: The longer you make your strips, the bigger the medallion will be. Glue strip ends together if your paper isn't long enough.

Cut out 2 leaves, real leaves will be glued on top.
Cut out approximately 10 circles. They do not have to be perfect, the more rustic the better. 4 of the circles should be smaller than the others. They will be used for 7" medallions.

Step 3: Folding your Strips and Forming the Medallions
For each strip, fold like an accordion (folding back and forth). Make sure that both ends look like a tent.

To form your medallions, lay your strip onto a flat surface and fan out. Hot glue the ends together. Then glue your hand cut circles onto the tops and bottoms of the larger medallions you just formed. 

*Note: The smaller hand cut circles should be glued onto the smaller medallions last...See step 5 for instructions.

Step 4: Assembling your Pumpkin
Stack and arrange your medallions to form the shape of a pumpkin. *Remember the smallest need to be layered on the top and bottom...See step 5 for instructions.

Step 5: Adding Natural Elements and Small Medallions
Select your top medallion and glue one of the smaller circles to the bottom. 
Next, take other circle and fold it in half. Make a slight cut in the middle, big enough to fit your twig (the stem of the pumpkin). Fold in half again and make one more cut. Insert the twig through the hole you just made and glue to the top of your medallion.

Lastly, glue your leaves (both paper and natural) to your twig.

There you have it! The perfect craft and decoration for Fall, Halloween and Pumpkin Everything :).

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Til next time... 

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Linda Walker said...

Very neat! I love working with paper! So glad I stumbled upon your blog.