Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday afternoon in Canton...

Saturday at the store proved to be another wonderful day. I had the opportunity to meet Lucinda, a fellow blogger, her hubby was sweet enough to bring her to the store on her birthday, and I was honored that this was one of her chosen spots for her special day! They were both absolutely charming!

Hubby and I had a nice dinner out Saturday night, church on Sunday morning and then two days of well-needed rest! I held true to my promise to stay away from anything retail/internet related for a couple days. But, I'm rested and ready to go again this week!

Today's been a bit on the rainy, quiet side, but the well-timed lull has allowed me time to work in an order that arrived today....huge galvanized/barn wood lanterns and conservatories!! I could just gobble them up...absolutely fabulous! I'll take some pics later and share them with you. I have a plan for the conservatories...

Next week, we will start putting out some of the seasonal merchandise, our Christmas line is absolutely fabulous! Be sure to drop by and see us!

Have a wonderful week!



Terri G said...

I loved the store so much that I'm coming back on Thursday and bringing 2 friends. I can't come to Canton on First Monday weekend for the next couple of months, so it's wonderful that your store is open all month. Now, we don't feel like we're missing anything! You're booth is the main reason we come to Canton!


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid your store is going to be a huge weakness for me! I can't stand the thought of new stuff coming in and not rush right over to see.

I don't know if the Tyler paper would do a write up on your shop (are you planning a public Grand Opening?), but I thought about making the suggestion to them.

Will be back soon!

paperjunk-lc said...

After we left your GRAND store I told my husband this is the best b-day ever! I've told everyone about the store and how the have to go.
Thanks again for making my day!

Julie said...

Can't wait to see more pictures since I was not able to come to your Grand Opening!