Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Canton Show Special!

As we prepare for Serendipity Market, there is no getting around it....we're out of storage space! So, who benefits?...... YOU!

Sooooo, aside from our winter clearance sale, we're running a show special for our FABULOUS wooden area mats!

10' x 6' Mat - Regular price $189 -
Show Special..... $99.95

3' x 5' Mat - Regular price $49.95 -
Show Special.... $29.95

2' x 3' Mat - Regular orice $24.95 -
Show Special....$14.95

This is a show special only, and is not available for on-line purchase. Supplies are limited, no further discounts apply. You can reserve one for pick-up by paying with credit card, just give us a call at (903)567-8421.

First come, first serve!

1 comment:

The Junkin' Yaya said...

Hi Sweetie!

Don't ya just love these!

Ladies, trust me you are getting a great deal on these!!!! And if you can't imagine them on your floor....think outside the box and put them on your walls!!! They are a real "show stopper"!