Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Let's Cut a Rug!

No, I don't mean the two step, I mean let's really cut a rug! Which ones? How about the burlap rugs that we carry at the store! I was seeking something unusual for window treatments and these caught my eye. I love the script graphics and the versatility of the fabric. But I may have gotten a bit carried away....I couldn't stop with one room! See what you think.

In the dining room I folded two rugs and hung them over a white scarf that I twirled around a curtain rod. I really liked the result so I took it a step further.

Over the kitchen window I took another rug and fan folded it on a tension rod. This was super duper simple, only took about 20 minutes to complete!

For the living room window I had to get out the skill saw and drill, but it was still a very easy project. I built a cornice board out of luan wood (best stuff in the world for lightweight projects), upholstered it in burlap and adorned the center with a rug. I hung it with angle brackets and finished it off with some simple white sheers. Don't you love the contrast of the burlap against the white? This one was a little more work than the first two, but was still less than an hour to complete! I love fast projects!

All of the treatments are different in style, but I think they do a wonderful job of unifying the rooms of the small weekend cottage. Now, it's time to start decorating the place!

Call me crazy, but I think I like these rugs better on the windows than the floor!

Happy Thanksgiving!!



over the fence said...

Oh my, I love this! Those rugs are fabulous!

Callie said...

Okay, this is completely fun! Love love love this!

Happy Thanksgiving wishes!

Trellis Cottage said...

This is so clever!

Flipit said...

What a great idea!

trash talk said...

Does your mind ever shut down or for that matter, do YOU??? You must go 24/7. Great use of the rugs, especially the cornice board.

Lisa said...

Such an idea inspiring project. Thank you!

cupcakespicegirl said...

I love those rugs, can I buy them online?

cindy said...

These are so cute! I especially love the 2nd looks like a roman shade! You are so clever!

yapping cat

Morning T said...

Hi LaurieAnna- I'm so glad you found me (Nutcracker market in Houston blog post) and left me your info. Your blog is fabulous and these window coverings are incredible- love them!