Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's Almost Here!

No doubt about it, sleep is a mere afterthought these days!  But really, who can sleep with all the Spring goodies arriving, and with all the excitement of what lay just around the corner?!

Canton First Monday is just next weekend, Thur. Jan 28th - Sun. Jan. 31st, and boy do we have a sale planned for you!  We have spent the past three days clearing out both warehouses and it's all gotta go!  We always have a winter sale during the January and February shows, but since the booth was closed last month this sale is going to be HUGE!!  Probably the biggest we've ever had!

Bring your truck, bring your pocketbook, and bring your friends!  Everything at the booth will be 50 - 75% off and the shoppe will be host to a big sale too!  The sale will end on Sunday, but don’t be too disappointed, after this show we will lock the doors and begin the transformation of the shoppe for Spring!!  Every nook and cranny will be tilled up and readied for our new Spring plantings. We will unveil the shoppe on Saturday, February 20th at our 2nd Annual Serendipity Market!  I can't wait for you to see!

Serendipity Market will take place February 20th, 9am – 5pm. Guests visiting 9am – 11am will enjoy a champagne brunch. Our shoppe is located at 1501 N. Trade Days Blvd, Canton, Texas. You won’t want to miss this!



It all sounds so exciting! Looking forward to seeing your new goodies. Have a beautiful week. ~ Angela

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Can't wait to see all of the new treasures. Hope to see you at Canton, if I can sneak away from my booth for a little bit.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

So looking forward to see and getting to see your things and LuAnn and Kaci's things too.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could make it! Sounds amazing!!

If you happen to get a chance, I would LOVE your support on the ELLE DECOR window I did for the Big Window Challenge this year with Apartment Therapy. Check it out at http://www.bigwindowchallenge com. As we all know, AT doesn’t make it easy, but you can vote TWICE a day, once online and the other by texting “1” to 89800.

Your support means the world to me!!


Attic Rat said...

I miss getting to go to Canton. My parents used to live in Palestine and I would plan the visits to perfectly coincide with First Mondays!

Happy hunting,

Preemie Donna said...

Sounds like you guys are busy busy.. Hope you have a good sale..

Jennifer said...

I so wish I could come! I know it will be fabulous! Glad y'all are safe after the bad weather!

Elsie said...

Sounds like one heck of a sale! I
sure wish I could make it. I always
miss the good ones. Hope your sale
goes well for you,don't work Tina
and the crew too hard.:O)

Anonymous said...

I go to Canton all the time. Would you please tell me exactly where your shop is located?

Glimpse of My World said...

Can't wait to see what you have in store for us! Posted your banner on my blog -- we will get the word out for the BIG BASH!! hUGS!

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Tanna said...

Oh, I am so going to try to make it to this!!!

debi lynn mattingly said...

Hey sweetie!

Good luck with your show, I am sure it will be a GREAT success---as always! Glad to see you are feeling better, and hopefully, one of these days we can finally get together! Take care...xo...deb