Sunday, April 18, 2010

They All Need Families To Love

Many of you know that animal rescue is one of my passions.  So, I always keep a link on my sidebar highlighting specific animals available at local shelters for adoption.

You may remember Confetti, she had been on my sidebar since January.  But, no more.....she's been adopted by some lucky family!  This rescue merited a post....she's been waiting for so long!  Now, there is a new sweetie, Hera, sitting on my sidebar!  This sweetie pie can be found at the SPCA in McKinney.

Please remember to consider one of the loving pets from shelters and specific breed rescue programs, when choosing your next pet.  There are rescue groups for almost every breed, and most of the animals in those groups have been rescued from shelters.  Please help their efforts to save animals, it's the responsible thing to do.

We are planning to adopt another Golden Retriever and will do so from one of the many Golden Retriever Rescue programs, aren't we lucky to have such groups?

May God bless these programs and the volunteers that work with them!