Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Canton First Monday - 6000 Pavilion

First Monday offers an abundance of great places to dig for treasures!  But, I never miss the 6000 Pavilion which is located just inside the back gate.  I can always find something in this pavilion, actually a lot of somethings!  Some of the early bird vendors were already setting up this morning.  So, I snapped a few pics before it gets crazy!

One of my favorite vendors is Ethel out of Tyler.  She's been featured several times, and well she should be, she's talented!  Ethel has a great eye and a distinctive look, look at the load of rusty iron and garden elements.she brought with her this morning!

This industrial table was a couple booths down from Ethel, and was fabulous!  Over 8' long, 4' wide, iron base, butcher block top.....do you think it's heavy?  I was drooling when it was unloaded and had my eye on it, but hubster was not feeling it.....I'm sure the weight didn't influence him at all!   : )

How about these old white canvas boots and the black/silver vanity set

Only a few have arrived, wait until tomorrow when the flood gates open!  More to come!


Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Great stuff!!! Ethel always has some wonderful items to sale.

Elizabeth said...

Ooo look at all those goodies! Looks like fun - have a great day.

Darla said...

So much fun...I love visiting you, you are always up to something and seems you have a ton of energy!

Cherry Hill Cottage~ said...

glad you started with Ethel and the 6000 Pavilion...
we love Ethel!
hey, great table, and I bet you bought those shoes! ;- )

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I was really looking forward to being there in the bright am, but with this post I want to come today! Hope there's no rain in the forecast.

Elsie said...

Laurie you are so giving me junk
fever. I'm gettin' it bad.LOL Looking at all this good stuff.
I'm gettin' itchy,gotta have a
junk fix.:O)

The Flying Bee said...

OMGsh!!! I will be there tomorrow at around noon...I hope I don't miss out on too much! I am so excited that I can hardly stand it! I look forward to paying you a visit, too! :)


slommler said...

So cool!! Some wonderful items there...and I am loving that table too!!!

time-worn interiors said...

I love Ethels store, if I lived closer I would shop there every week! She is so sweet and very hard working! I can't wait to go back for a visit!


Oh, I am so loving those canvas shoes! Thank you for sharing glimpses of Canton! Hope your weekend is a grand success. ~ Angela

Crayonmonster said...

WOW! Love the stuff! You have great taste and style. I too love the table, but I can imagine my sister's expression if I brought it home. hehe.
THanks for sharing!

Suzie Button said...

That table must be the one my daughter told me she saw on a blog that I needed for the craft room I'm making! I didn't make it to Canton this weekend, as I just can't take the heat of the summer months, though I'll probably be there for the beginning of August one, cause I'm coming with an art retreat on a party bus! I can't skip a party bus to Canton!!! Can I ask, how much did they want for the table, and do you know if it sold or how I could find out before next month's Canton? It does look heavy, I'm sure my husband would be less than thrilled also! ha! Suzie

Gracefully Vintage said...

Such Great stuff- I love it, the Hutch is beautiful- Im still loving that bottle holder on the side bar-every time im here i debate it for my shoppe-
Love it all LaruieAnna

3creativechics said...

I love Canton and being from Oklahoma it can be hard to go each month, but if I could I would be there every time the doors were open!!!