Monday, June 07, 2010

Annette's Touch Of Class

So much talent is hiding on the First Monday grounds in Canton that it’s hard to know where to start, so I thought I’d start with one of my favorites!  Not only one of my favorite booths, but also some of my favorite people!  Annette, of Annette's Touch of Class, and I participate in several of the same shows, so she's not only a fellow vendor, she's also a very sweet friend!

Annette’s Touch of Class has been here for 11 years, and their booth is by far one of the most popular in Canton! Tell the truth, if I hadn't told you this was a booth, wouldn't you think you were standing in the middle of a wonderful boutique? Their displays are fantastic!

They design t-shirts, clothes, shoes, jewelry and carry bobbles from some of the hottest artists around such as John Wind, Shannon Koszyk, Virgins Saints and Angels, and many others!

Take a look at this incredible necklace, Midsummer Night's Dream by John Wind, it’s handcrafted from vintage finds and is an incredible piece of wearable art!

They have a huge collection of his amazing work from which to choose!

Another artist’s work that I couldn't stop admiring was Shannon Koszyk, she has an entire collection of work centered around Joan of's wonderful!

Look at this Joan of Arc Pod Seed necklace and the ring below!
Their space is always packed full of the good stuff! And, unless you get there before hours like I did to take photos, it’s packed full of customers too!
So, for the fashion savvy among you, be sure to check out their booth located in Arbor II on your next First Monday trip!  And, if that’s too far, don't fret because they participate in a multitude of shows all over the country and also have an amazing online store!

I always love everything they sell and their amazing displays, but nothing is as beautiful as their newest arrival!
Although I’ve never experienced childbirth, it just wasn’t in the plan that God had for me, I just adore babies! And this lil one, Megans first-born and Annette's first grandbaby, is among the most beautiful I’ve ever seen….she’s always happy!  No doubt where she gets it, Annette and Megan are so charming and make everyone feel special!


slommler said...

She is a little darling...gorgeous!! And that jewelry is to die for!!
Thanks for sharing Annette's space. Wonderful

Elizabeth said...

What a little cutie! I'm loving all that jewelry too.

House by the Sea said...

I love that pod seed necklace, actually I love it all! Heading to their online store next, thanks so much for sharing this place with us!

Karen said...

Yes, that little cutie will outshine all of the trinkets and goodies in this shop.
I hope to get to Canton someday. LIving in deep south Texas that will have to be a well-orchestrated trip. But I am determined! Thanks for sharing a bit of Canton with us.
Ladybug Creek

White Rose Cottage said...

Wow! That sure doesn't look like any flea market I've ever seen! Love it all and can't wait to visit her this Fall!

Elsie said...

You are so right about being crowded with customers. On Thursday
you can get in and shop but on
Friday and Saturday they are always
swamped. I love her booth especially the jewelry. Thanks for
making my junk fever higher.LOL":O)

Debby said...

Very neat pieces of jewelry. Love that cute baby. She looks like a little model.

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Hey Laurie, Linda and I had the pleasure of meeting Annette and her daughter at Dallas Market last year,they are super nice, she had her grandbaby there, I think Annette held her all day!!! They do have the neatest displays and gorgeous jewelry! hugs~~~Daphne
ps Laurie did you get my email, no rush just wanting to make sure you got it!

Cathy said...

We LOVE Annette and her booth.....she is "a touch of class"! She paid us a visit this past weekend, and had her sweet grandbaby with her....what a "cutie pie"!!! She Rocks!!!! Cathy of "Girls Gone Junkin"

Prissy Parlor said...

Annette is the reason that I resigned from teaching after nine years to run my own boutique and start a booth at Canton! She and Megan do a wonderful job and we love them to death! And Cansas....well, other than my kids, she's the cutest little girl I've ever seen!!