Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Seeds of Inspiration

It all began right here.

With the original Majolica tiles around the fireplace. 

The above photo was taken when we first viewed the property.   I immediately spotted the majolica tiles and fell in love with the colors. I knew then that we would paint the ceilings blue, although some friends didn't get it when I shared my plans. :-))
Throw into the mix a piece of the original wallpaper, and you can get an idea of the original colors used in the decor for this 1894 farmhouse.
These were the seeds of inspiration for my color choices of blues, creams, golds, grays, and taupes for the Farmhouse on Main.
Several of you noticed the freshly painted blue ceilings when I first shared the newly painted space.

I'm completely in love with the beadboard ceilings, but love them even more now that they are blue!
Wallpaper would have been a good fit for this historic farmhouse, and no doubt lovely.  But, wallpaper is such a big commitment of time, energy, money, and more importantly, design restrictions, that I would rather add pattern with things that are less permanent.

Speaking of pattern, wait until you see the "traditional meets funky" wingback chairs I found, they're coming up!

I'm having a ball decorating our new place!

P.S.  The December Canton show begins on Thursday morning at 9am, get your shopping game on!


Ellie's Bungalow said...

I love the appointments in your farmhouse, those old tiles are beautiful! I'm so excited to see it decorated, hurry!

Taylor in Tyler said...

Can't wait to see more!

Pearl said...

Such beautiful colors! can't wait to see more.

Pam B said...

I really love the colors that you're choosing. Wallpaper has never been my thing; I love good paint!


martinealison said...

Toujours hâte d'en voir davantage...
Une pièce somptueuse avec une si belle cheminée qui doit bien faire craquer le père noël!
Gros bisous

Lori said...

Sometimes it just takes that one little piece of something to inspire us. That room sure has made a transformation!

Anonymous said...

Those tiles are really beautiful and I adore your blue ceilings ~ so pretty!

sparkled*life said...

Love love love! So wanting to try and make it to Canton! Your creativity always amazes me and the way you make your home (and ours) warm and inviting with the ideas you share to so many! Tell Zeek "HELLO" from the Sparks :)

Sueann said...

And wallpaper removing is a real pain! Paint is superior choice. Love the blue ceilings!

Sunflowers With Smiles said...

I love your tiles! Hope you stop over at my blog sometime next week, I am having a burlap handbag giveaway. Hope you enter this contest!

Linda's Blue Gate said...

WHAT...... do you mean..... you have started decorated without US..... it can't be..... don't you know we are all waiting with baited breath....haha

The tile looks so much better with your glorious white walls... love love the blue ceiling....perfect

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

Such beautiful tiles! I love all the colors.
And the beaded ceiling...if it weren't so much $$, I would love to have it put in my house!

Heaven's Walk said...

(sigh*!) Your house is soooo beautiful, Laurie Anna! I LUV how it's slowly coming together!!!!! :)

xoxo laurie