Friday, August 03, 2012

Summer Flowers, Fragrances and Smiles - Farmhouse Friday #26

How do you display your farmhouse flowers?  With our temperatures climbing over the 100+ degree mark, our flower gardens seem to be gasping for relief. 

So this Farmhouse Friday will bring thoughts of early summer when our flower beds and herb gardens were alive with color and the smell of summer was all around.  From the fragrance of lilacs to rosemary and gardenias to fresh thyme, it all seems to evoke the joys of summer. 

Family reunions, nights filled with stars so bright you felt as if you could reach up and touch them, sipping ice tea on a front porch or just eating a big bowl of homemade ice cream.  Those are what summer farmhouse memories are made of, finding beautiful scenery in the smallest of the larger ones as well.

Even our furry friends enjoy the beauty of flowers

Don't you just love how these flowers look on this chair.  Simple yet so elegant.
What about this great vintage can filled with the soft beautiful colors
For a simple splash of freshness, a small basket hanging from a door handle seems to do the trick
What about this display using old wood boxes

Can you see yourself sitting across from someone special with a warm summer breeze blowing
If you love more color from your summer flowers, what do you think about the blue gate surrounded by this beautiful vibrant color?
I just love fresh flowers and beautiful farmhouse gardens.  What kind of gardens do you prefer?  Do you have a "cutting" garden that you can cut fresh flowers daily?  Do you plant flower gardens to attract butterflies or hummingbirds? 

Do you put birdhouses in your flower gardens for our feathered friends to enjoy?

Whatever your choice,  I think we can all agree that flowers play a huge part in putting a smile on our face and helps soothes the soul.  Just the smell of a certain flower can bring back summer childhood memories.  So until the hot temperatures subside,  I hope I have given you some fun ideas to start your own creative process to display your flowers.

As most of you know, we are busy preparing the Shoppe for the new expansion.  Days are turning into nights and nights into days.  Everyone at LaurieAnna's is working so hard to bring you the most exciting "reveal" in September.  Check out our facebook page and pinterest to keep up with our progress!