Thursday, October 04, 2012

Switching Gears.....

Whew! The Shoppe expansion has kept hubby and I so busy over the past few months that our sweet farmhouse has had to sit on the back burner. 
No complaints, I do love to work on the Shoppe, but I've been longing to give some attention to our little place again.
With the Shoppe expansion behind us, we are eager to now tackle another room makeover at our little Farmhouse on Main.
Our next project? ......
The master bedroom!
I've spent some time this week designing the space and we will begin digging into it this weekend. 
But first, let me share a few BEFORE photos of the space. 
Vintage details, 12' ceiling height, old moldings, long windows, and beadboard ceilings bring loads of charm to the space, but it is not without design challenges.   
Many changes lay ahead for this room that will include lots of painting, construction, electrical, sewing, and plenty of furniture moving.  I'll share our progress as we move through the makeover along with the solutions we found for some of the design obstacles.  Using the weekends this month we hope to complete the room before our next show. Fingers crossed... :-))
How about you, any DIY projects on your horizon?