Sunday, September 16, 2012

~ Real Treasure ~

We may have finished the Shoppe expansion, but Fall and Christmas goodies have been arriving by the truckloads daily!  You will not believe how much new stuff we have this's CRAZY!! 
It's made for some long hours at the Shoppe, but several on the crew alongside hubby and I are having a great time getting it done. :-)) 
This week my precious friend Patty, who is a part of our crew, had her hubby Ronnie bring in a surprise while we were all eating lunch.  A surprise that she had been working on for a while.
Using the photo above that she found HERE on my blog, she painted a portrait of our sweet boy Zeek.
Zeek takes every step we do, both at home and at work, and he's been with us for his entire 13 years so you can probably imagine the impact such a thoughtful effort would have on me. 
Her talented hands captured his sweet face so perfectly and I LOVE that the porch of our farmhouse is included in the painting.  But, even more I love that it was painted as a surprise gift from a very precious and talented friend. 
Take a look at her wonderful work.....
Isn't that amazing? 
She painted that from a photo on my blog.....such incredible talent!
You may remember that Patty was the artist for the wonderful painting (shown below) that was featured in our farmhouse dining room makeover HERE.  I told her we are working on our own little artist gallery of her work.  :-))
The painting will very soon find its place inside the Farmhouse on Main, but first I want to share it with our customers.  So this month you can see it hanging behind the sales counter at the Shoppe. You'll also find Patty's sweet smiling face on the salesfloor. 
The Shoppe will be filled to the brim with treasures for the upcoming show, but the wonderful people on my crew are the true treasures.
I'm so thankful for the friends in my very very thankful.
Thank you Patty!
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