Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Traditions

Hubby and I have been busy preparing for the January show, and spent some time talking about some of our favorite New Year's traditions.

Here in the South, no New Year's day is complete without eating a heaping helping of Hoppin' John - black eyed peas with ham hocks.  I can't remember a New Year's day without them!

Several years ago, one of our friends from the North introduced us to pork and sauerkraut, simmered together with apples. She explained that this recipe was passed down from the Pennsylvania Dutch, and we were glad it was passed down to us - it was delicious!

What foods are traditional New Year's fare in your homes?

After a day of great food and football with friends and family, we are generally happy to settle in to watch New Year's celebrations on TV.  The dropping of the ball in Times Square never disappoints, and it's so much fun to see video of beautiful celebrations around the world. 

There are so many culturally relevant traditions celebrated at this time of year.  It seems that all inspire us to make the coming year a great one, and to always remember people of the past with fondness.

And it is with great fondness that we always remember our wonderful LaurieAnna's customers and followers.  You all mean so much to us, and have certainly inspired me to make each and every show in 2013 something special - with you in mind. 

From our home to yours, we wish you much happiness and wonderful health in 2013.  We look forward to sharing the coming year with you!



pink*cherub*moon said...

Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best during 2013! Hugs, Leena

Anne Boykin said...

Happy New Year, Laurie Anna!