Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Customer Experience

As this year winds down and we get ready to start new adventures in 2013, I've been doing a little thinking.  I've been asking myself, "What do I want for my customers?" 
As you can imagine, many answers have come to mind.  From great products, to friendly staff, and everything in between, the thoughts that pop into my mind have been endless.  
But the one word that keeps resounding in my head is 'experience'---I strive for the Shoppe to be an "experience".  I love Webster's definition of the word......
"The fact or state of having been affected."
BINGO!  The dictionary magically put my thoughts into the perfect sentence.  I want our customers to truly be affected when they visit our Shoppe, to leave happier than when they came in.
When you reflect on trips you have made to certain destinations, do you recall truly being affected?  I know I do.  The Disney experience is certainly top of mind.  I also think of specific hotels and restaurants that Willie and I will frequent over and over again simply because they deliver an experience that affects us.  And each wonderful experience seems to have the same consistent elements we strive to deliver at LaurieAnna's:
1.  They are happy to see us!  We are not just greeted---we are greeted sincerely.  We are welcomed in the same way we would welcome guests into our own home.

2.  We are treated with kindness and respect throughout our visit, delivered by every single employee.  It's evident that the owners put thought into the character of who they hire.

3.  We are provided with help on a personal level---with friendliness, warmth, and with a desire to get to know us.  Many times they already know what we like.  If they don't know, they find out---not in a pushy, 'salesy' way, but with sincerity and a desire to help. 

4.  They love what they do.  The owners and staff have passion for their work, and their passion is contagious.

5.  They have fun!  They are happy to be at work (which is easy when you are passionate about what you do), and their happiness spreads from employees to customers.  There are plenty of smiles and laughter.  Customers leave happy and want to come back.

So that's our 2013 list of the top 5 elements that will help us achieve our goal to create a wonderful "experience" that truly affects our guests.   

The short version of the above list......
I want you to love the Shoppe the way that I love it. :-))
From Willie, myself, and our entire staff, we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a very happy, safe and blessed New Year!


Sister Patty said...

What a wonderful attitude you have! As I shop owner, I can totally grasp everything you are saying.

Thank you so much -- and a Merry Christmas a Happy New Year to you, your family and staff as well!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

I can tell you that the first time I walked in to the door of your beautiful shop I literally had tears in my eyes because it is beyond gorgeous!! It is a big girl's dream for sure!
I remember being greeted by you like I was a friend you have known forever and that truly is heartwarming!!
Your shop is a place I never want to leave and would love to move in to if I could ~
Oh my goodness sweet girl I think you have completely accomplished the feeling you are going for ~

Lots of hugs,

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I think every business should operate that way. I just completed my yearly customer service training for my job, and the basics are much like what you just posted. I think I would love to "experience" your shop!

Merry Christmas!

Linda E. Paris, TX said...

You have just described what I feel when I visit your shoppe! I think that you have already met those goals. Each time I visit it is a feel good, pleasant and peaceful visit. Thank you for all that you do to give me that experience.

A Thrifted Market said...

Sweet LaurieAnna, your shop exceeds all these things and more! Its like coming home when you walk through the doors. Its warm, friendly, comfortable and just a place you want to stay for hours..which I have! You and your staff are great at what you do and it shows. Absolutely perfect my friend! To you and your beautiful family, Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing you and yours in the New Year. God Bless my friend.

Carolee Crafts said...

What a beautiful shop, think I would enter and be years before I came out again just perfect.

I wish you all the luck for 2013

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that's how I feel just looking at your beautiful pictures! Your shop and home look like a fairytale. I really can't wait to see what you've been working on in your house, you have the most amazing ideas.

Terri said...

I visit your shoppe and "Farmhouse" via your Blog and FB... and believe me... I already feel that way and have not yet had the priveledge of visiting in person!! If I lived near Canton.... I would be begging for a job!! :) ..... Even through the internet you have projected "Awesome" .. "Caring".. "Kindness"!! Sure do hope I get to meet you and browse your shoppe in PERSON!!! Merry Christmas

Lori said...

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful time with family and friends. From My Heart with Pleasure Fills... and it sure does everytime I walk in the shoppe!

Lady of the Woods said...

Hello, I have just come across your blog and seeing the pictures of your shoppe makes me swoon, but I am in Florida and I cannot travel but I see a chandelier in your pictures here and wonder if they are for sale and if you ship? please let me know, I'm so in love with the one in the metal globe! blessings, lady

Amber said...

I love your post LaurieAnna! Your words came at a very appropriate time for me. Going through that "burned out" thing... After reading your post I got a smile on my face, I took a deep breath and wrote my plans down for my space and the New Year. Thank you. Happy New Year.