Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In Your Easter Bonnet?

I was watching a movie the other day, and could not help but smile at scene depicting tons of kids and parents, dressed in their Sunday best, having the time of their lives at an Easter egg hunt.  Memories of Easters past flooded my mind, and I soon found myself smiling from ear to ear.
While I don't remember ever wearing a 'bonnet', I did don my share of frilly, puffy, colorful dresses!  Oh, and one more important adjective to describe those beautiful dresses my mom painstakingly picked out each year:  scratchy.  All of those stiff, lacy petticoats and ruffles just got the best of me.  I would scratch, itch, and fidget all day long.  Maybe that explains why I so love to wear the beautiful----and comfortably soft---linen and gauze clothes we carry at The Shoppe today!

I also remember wearing those Patton leather shoes---so shiny and new!  They were always paired with ruffled white socks.  We did not get new shoes often, so I wore them proudly each year.  And let me tell you, the shoes were much more comfy than the dresses!  I loved them so much, my mom often had to talk me out of them before bed.

Then there was the beloved Easter egg hunt.  A competition, generally with my cousins, that was the highlight of my day.  Oh yes, I was in it to win it---and I knew just where to look.  I could always be guaranteed of finding a treasured stash of brightly colored eggs inside the tire swing, nestled in the coiled up water hose, bunched at the base of the back porch stairs, and 'hidden' in the crook of a favorite tree.
And the day was not complete without a big, delicious dinner with family after church.  Easter dinners ranked right up there with Thanksgiving.  After all, we were giving thanks each Easter for the most precious gift of all.

From our LaurieAnna's family to yours, we wish you all a very happy Easter.  Here's to making tons of wonderful Easter memories!
P.S. - Don't forget about our modified Easter hours for this weekend's show only.  We hope you will stop by for a visit:
Thursday from 9am - 5pm
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Closed on Easter Sunday


Cynthia said...

OMG, I remember the same things, the scratchy dresses, the new shoes with the socks! I never was allowed to have white because I was too hard on my shoes so I always had black. Brought back memories for me.


Unknown said...

Such good memories - I can still smell the white shoe polish we used to cover up those scuff marks. Paula

Unknown said...

Such good memories - I can still smell the white shoe polish we used to cover up those scuff marks. Paula

SueAnn Lommler said...

Yes I remember those things too,,,,ahhh the shoes!! So pretty

Jonell said...

Yes! The Black Patent Leather shoes I remember always hurt my feet and I guess we just didn't understand that we could return/exchange if they did not fit properly. Well let's face it for me in the 1940's and '50's we were not big on SHOPPING...
Loving your photos..proud to have you on my Blog Honor Roll!