Saturday, May 11, 2013

April Showers, May Flowers, and Smiles

April showers bring May flowers, and May flowers bring smiles!

I have loved flowers---and sharing them---for as long as I can remember.

When I was little, I used to spend weekends outside finding just the right flowers to pick and give to my grandmother.  I am talking handfuls.  Every size, shape and color.  Every time I brought them to her, my grandmother would ooh and ahh as if each 'bouquet' was the first she had ever received.  And then, I would receive the biggest compliment of all.  She would place them in a mason jar with some water, and proudly display them on the kitchen table.

What I didn't realize back then was that many of those flowers were actually a weed.  But, in my eyes, they were the most beautiful things I had ever seen. 
Gorgeous purples, bright yellows, and other vibrant colors were so pretty to me, and I just had to share them with someone I loved!  And my grandmother appreciated ever single weed, every single time.  It makes me smile today as I think about how proudly she would display them, and how proud I felt each time she did.
I think all of those things---the act of gathering flowers in anticipation of giving them away, the wonderful feeling of knowing I made someone happy, the smile on my grandmother's face, the warm feeling of accomplishment I experienced with every mason-jar display---I think all of those things helped to shape the person I am today.
I still love flowers.  In fact, we may have gotten carried away with flowers just a bit on our front and rear farmhouse porch this spring.  But, who sure looks happy!
My love of flowers does not end at our home, you will always find fresh flowers tucked into displays at our Shoppe too......I just can't help myself. 
I love the creative outlet that flowers provide, and the sweet way that flowers welcome family and friends.
But most of all, I love the smiles they bring!
All of the photos in this post are from our Farmhouse on has a big spring smile.