Monday, September 30, 2013

Let Your Light Shine!

Lighting makes a room!  Plain and simple.
Although I must admit the lighting I prefer is rarely plain or simple.

As we've been preparing for this week's show, I've had so much fun finding homes for so much cool lighting.  It's as if I 've been on a treasure hunt---looking for just the right spots to display just the right light fixtures.

Of course, hubby and the warehouse staff may have different opinions on how much fun it's been pulling lights down and putting them up, but I've had a blast!
Don't you just love the industrial look of this great fixture?
 I can see it complimenting an office, or hanging over a wonderful vintage butcher block in a kitchen.  Where else can you imagine it hanging?
And let's talk chandeliers!
They aren't just for formal living or dining rooms anymore!  Now you can find them as focal points in nurseries, bedrooms---and yes, even bathrooms.  What are some of the fun ways you've used chandeliers?
And while our eyes usually go up to see lighting,
we can't overlook wonderful table and floor lamps. 
Reading, scrap booking, or working on that special project is even more fun when you have a unique lamp providing some extra light... and love.

But my favorite lighting pieces (today) are hanging in the entry room of The Shoppe. 
These beauties provide a vintage-inspired welcome to all of our shoppers.  I'm thinkin' one of them may end up at the farmhouse, but I better wait until Willie has time to rest up after the show before asking him to move another one...
Be sure to stop by to see these and other new lighting pieces that can compliment so many decorating projects.  The fun starts this Thursday, Oct. 3rd!
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1457 N. Trade Days Blvd., Canton, Texas 75103

Store Hours: 
Thursday, October 3 from 9am - 5pm
Friday & Saturday, October 4 and 5 from 9am - 6pm
Sunday, October 6 from 9am - 5pm

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