Saturday, June 14, 2014

Burlap, the multifunctional textile.

What a fascinating and multifunctional textile.

First, a quick history lesson.

Burlap is a material made out of the fibers of the jute plant.  Also called Hessian cloth.  It is also known as the "breathable" fabric making it resistant to condensation.  

Did you know the burlap bag was designed to protect shipped goods such as coffee and beans. Burlap locks out the moisture and prevents the goods from spoiling. It can be dried over and over again with out harming it's fibers.

Burlap is a multi-functional, comes in a variety of colors and textures, is inexpensive, organic, and easy to work with. It can be treated, sprayed and manipulated in many ways. 
It's entertaining to think that a textile designed for shipping goods, has become such a popular decorating trend over the past years.

Our shoppe is lined with burlap items. Ranging from simple decorative touches to handmade products. Here are just a few examples.

Sew pieces of burlap together to make decorative pillows.

Make your floral arrangement blossom by adding a few burlap flowers and butterflies.
Spruce up your dinner table with these flower inspired burlap napkin rings.  Aren't they fun?!

You'd be surprised by how many ways you can incorporate burlap into your everyday decor. 

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