Thursday, March 04, 2010

Vintage Inspired Wedding...

One of my favorite things about this business are the customers that have become friends!

Friends that visit and even share photos of how they have used our accessories in their homes and events.  
All of the lovely photos in this post are just such a gift from one of our clients.
I'm astounded at the number of brides-to-be that shop with us for decorative accessories for their weddings, showers, and luncheons.
We've become a "go to" place for this niche and I love it!

It makes me smile to know that we've provided some inspiration and especially to see your finished projects!

A couple of months ago, Jennifer, one of our clients, graciously brought us these photos of her gorgeous wedding.  
She and her lovely mother, Janet, had been buying items for her wedding throughout 2009 from us in preparation for her big day!
The event turned out beautifully and it made me smile to see how they used the vintage inspired items they purchased from us.

Jennifer also secured an awesome photographer, Jenny Martell.

I was thrilled to see their efforts! On a personal note, a week after Jennifer dropped these photos by the shoppe, a friend of mine attended a Bridal Show in Dallas as she was preparing for her own wedding.
While there at the Bridal show, she spoke with a photographer and indicated she was planning a vintage style wedding.

She was so surprised when the photographer flipped open the album of Jennifer's wedding with all of our accessories and the familiar photos! She was so excited she immediately called me from the show! 

Everything is stunning!  Jennifer's wedding was beautiful indeed, but she and her mother are the real beauties, both inside and out!
I love the photo of Jennifer and her  bridal party....positively stunning! Isn't she a beautiful bride and what a dress!

To find out more about Jenny Martell's amazing photography, and see more of Jennifer's wedding photos, check out Jenny Martell's Photography!  She's incredibly talented!

Thanks Jennifer for taking time to share your amazing wedding tablescapes and photos with us! 

This has inspired an idea for me.  Our clients have so much talent and creativity and I'd love to share it with you by highlighting some of them on the blog! 

Share how you have used our accessories in your own decorating project, room makeover, or event by visiting our Facebook page and becoming a member.

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You can either post pics on the wall, or message them to us via Facebook. I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to and share it with others!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

You are so right about these pics, just absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing how to use your beautiful things in our everyday life displays.

trash talk said...

Oh-Em-Gee! I went and looked at their album...gorgeous! If they choose to, can you imagine how beautiful their children will be!!!
This is such a fun idea LA. Can't wait to see what gets sent in.

Elsie said...

Beautiful Pictures and I love to
see young people into vintage. It
warms the heart.:O)

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Love the photo's, and the vintage style wedding!!!!


Such beautiful photos and a beautiful wedding! So fun that you have cornered this niche with your talent for finding just the right merchandise, always. Beauty everwhere you look. Speaking of - I did not make it to Canton due to urgent family care obligations this go around, so hoping to see you next time! ~ Angela

Gigi said...

Hi LaurieAnna,
You know I love everything I've found in your beautiful shop, and I just posted a pic of the little bunny candles I got there last weekend. Just a slapdash picture -- but I just love those bunnies ;-)!

Gigi said...

Oh, and forgot to say -- the pics of the wedding are just stunning!

Lisa D said...


I teach with Jennifer, and she is as gorgeous everyday as she is in her bridal pics! She's a really great fun to be with. I really enjoyed seeing the pics!

Unknown said...

What a great way to do something different for a wedding! Although, I think I would just rent out your place and have it there...that would be the perfect setting.

cottage feel said...

i love shabby chic- you go girl -
xoxoxoxox cottage feel

Anonymous said...

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Sara K said...

Just lovely. I think this would be a great theme for my daughter's wedding. Of course, she's not engaged yet... But maybe after she finishes 3rd grade and grows up...

Sara K said...

Just lovely. I think this would be a great theme for my daughter's wedding. Of course, she's not engaged yet... But maybe after she finishes 3rd grade and grows up...