Friday, June 19, 2009

A Room With a View

Photo: The Halbert House

Behind our home, rests the 100 plus year old Halbert House, which recently received an amazing restoration. I took a photo so you could admire the preservation efforts. The freshly restored home is now being used to host weddings and special events.

Many of the couples are choosing to charm their guests with horse drawn carriage rides. But, it's not just the guests that enjoy the ride. Although, I may not have been in the carriage, the view from my bedroom window was just as lovely.

As I gazed upon the stately carriage being pulled by beautiful horses, I listened to the clicking of the hooves and wondered how many others before me had enjoyed a similar view.

The it's an event - back then it was transportation.

Either way, it's lovely.


~Amy Rose said...

So PRETTY!! I LOVE old is a shame no one lives there...THANK YOU for sharing!!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I can almost hear the horses hoves! So lovely. Thanks for sharing, T

Glimpse of My World said...

You are right - this is lovely!! I need to come to Corsicana and view these lovely homes! and the ColliN sTReet BAKERY!! Have a great week-end!!

trash talk said...

Nothing like a room with a view! Clip clop is a much nicer sound that vroom.
My hat's off to you for adding the adopt a pet feature to your sidebar. My dear, you are pure Class with a capital C!

cottage farm villa said...

So gorgeous! You captured the horse drawn carriage beautifully! Felt like I was peeking down at them through the window.

Frugalious Living said...

I adore your blog! I love old homes and I often wish I could go back in time, undisturbed, and just watch as the world went by. Thanks so much for taking the time to create this blog and share these gorgeous homes with us.